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How to make a living by earning and trading free Bitcoin

In this article you will learn how to earn free Bitcoin and other Alt Coins from different sources and how to start trading them for profit on the world’s best crypto currency exchanges using a professional trading platform. If you want to start collecting Bitcoin and trading it like a boss but are totally broke then this step by step guide lays out your path to complete success.

You can start today. You CAN earn free Bitcoin.

YOU can start now!!

Here’s how (short version):

  1. Get an email address (e.g. gmail) and a free crypto coin wallet (e.g. Jaxx).
  2. Sign up and get verified on an exchange (e.g. Bittrex).
  3. Sign up and bookmark a Faucet website network (e.g. CoinPot).
  4. Start farming the faucets.
  5. Sign up and install the Coinigy trading platform (30-day free trial version).
  6. From inside the Coinigy platform, connect your exchange accounts using the API facility.
  7. Send funds from your faucet network to your Jaxx wallet then on to your exchange account (Bittrex) to allow you to start trading it live inside the Coinigy trading platform.
  8. Buy low – sell high!
  9. Enjoy, Like, Share, Subscribe and share again with your friends!!
  10. Ride cryptos to the moon!

And here is the longer version for those who need more help:


Step one:

  • Get an email address.

To make money in the Bitcoin world you are going to need an email address that you can use for opening online accounts, checking for confirmation emails, and two factor authentication. It is a good idea to use an email address that is separate from your everyday email account. Any free email service such as gmail will do.

  • and a crypto coin wallet

A crypto coin wallet will give you a place to send your free bitcoins from the faucets, before sending them to your exchange account. One of the best, free wallets that you can run on your own desktop is Jaxx. It’s a free wallet that supports a good range of coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, Dash, Zcash, Doge and more. Jaxx is a simple wallet to use, looks nice, and has relatively low transaction fees.


Step two:

There are many ways to buy, sell and trade Bitcoins and many other crypto currencies, but one of the easiest and safest is to use online coin exchanges, of which there are dozens. One of the more trusted and noob friendly ones is Bittrex. Check out their website here.

When you sign up for a Bittrex account you will need to verify your email account. You should enable two factor authentication and install the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone. You will need the 2FA code each time you log into your Bittrex account, although you won’t need to log into Bittrex very often once you have Coinigy installed as the platform does the work for you using the API facility.

As part of the validation process, Bittrex will probably ask for a copy of your driver’s license, birth certificate, or other details. If you’re not comfortable with doing that then you will need to find a workaround that is not included in this article. Just do what you need to do to get an exchange account set up then continue on to the next step.


Step three:

Sign up to a faucet network and bookmark each faucet website. For the purposes of this guide I will use CoinPot.

CoinPot is a micro wallet website that receives your free Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin from a ring of associated faucet websites, the main three being:,, and

When you visit the faucet sites, you will be asked to complete a captcha before you can claim your coins. Claiming your free Bitcoins will usually open up an ad popup or a new tab with a special offer on it, so don’t be alarmed. Just do what you have to do and claim your free coins. Make sure you enter your CoinPot wallet address for the correct type of coin the faucet is offering. Bitcoin wallet for Bitcoin, Doge for Doge.

There are lots of other faucet websites that will give you free bitcoin for watching an ad and doing a captcha – the more you do, the more free Bitcoins you will have for trading.

Make sure you bookmark all your faucets and check back into them regularly to claim your new coins.


Step four:

Start farming your faucets! Most faucets will allow you to claim free Bitcoins every free minutes, or you can leave them for longer and let the amount increase. Either strategy is ok, just be sure that you visit them each at least once a day, especially the ones that give you a daily bonus on top of the standard amount. If you miss a day, the daily bonus resets to zero, so stay on top of it.

If you chose to use the CoinPot example as per this guide then you can log in at any time and see how many coins you have accumulated. You need to build the total up to a certain amount before you can withdraw. One strategy is to convert all the coins in your CoinPot wallet to one particular coin (I recommend Doge) before sending the entire lot to your Jaxx. The minimum required to withdraw from CoinPot is 50 Doge, which you should be able to achieve in less than 48 hours using the three main faucets.

SPECIAL FREE HINT: another free Bitcoin faucet that works with CoinPot is – it is a very simple faucet that pays out big, and lets you claim every 3 minutes.

Whatever faucets you decide to use, just keep accumulating them and sending them to your Jaxx or other wallet on a regular basis. Discipline is the key that will make you rich in crypto currencies. We are in a gold rush so keep your sh*t in line and you will make money, guaranteed.


Step five:

Sign up for the 30-Day free trial with the Coinigy trading platform. Coinigy runs in your web browser, so it is very simple to set up and get running. The built-in tutorial is excellent, and shows you how to link your exchanges and your other wallets (if you want to) so you can keep an eye on your coins in a number of different places.

Once you have your Bittrexx (or other exchange) connected to your Coinigy, it is time to deposit your faucet coins into your Bittrex account.

Inside Bittrex, go to the Wallets section and create a deposit address for your free coins that are stored in your Jaxx wallet. Copy and paste the address into your Jaxx wallet and send all your coins to your Bittrex account. Make sure you send the right type of coins to the correct wallet. If you send the wrong type of coins to your Bittrex wallet you will lose them. Only send Doge to Dodge addresse, Bitcoins to Bitcoin addresses, and etcetera.


Step six:

Once you have deposited your coins to your Bittrex wallet and given them time to become verified, they will show up in Coinigy. You will need to keep accumulating coins before you have enough to start trading, but you are already on the path to success. If it takes a week of visiting the faucets to collect enough Bitcoins for trading then so be it. You are in control of your own finances and now have the knowledge and power to generate wealth from free Bitcoins.

It can be a very good idea to pick one pair of coins to trade, and work that single pair as if it was a business. Make sure you factor in any fees when you make your buy and sell bids. Fees can suck the life through the ass of your investment if you don’t keep a handle on them. For example, Bittrex charges 0.25% of the Bitcoin cost for every transaction, so that means (approxiamtely) 0.5% for a buy-and-sell cycle. Set your bids accordingly and be patient.

As always, remember to buy low and sell high. Don’t buy into the hype. Buy coins once you see them drop a nice chunk, they will always go back up. Never be a slave to the FOMO mentality – the Fear Of Missing Out. If you missed a coin as it went to the moon then just let it go; there will always be more. Above all else, keep yourself safe, and never invest more than you are prepared to lose.

This article is for educational purposes only, and is not financial advice. Try these methods at your own risk and using your own judgment. We will not be held accountable for your success or failure: that is up to you, and you are advised to do your own research before engaging in any investment methods or strategies.

In this article we have introduced the concept of collecting free Bitcoins and other crypto coins from faucets, then shown you how to trade them for profit on a professional trading platform. Now, it is up to you to turn your newfound knowledge into power.

CryptoCracker signing off again and wishing you a very happy crypto, and remember – The Crypto Must Flow!!!

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