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The comeback of the Crypto Kings – BitConnect and Genesis Mining!

A day can seem like a lifetime in the crypto space; a week: an eternity.

So to some people operating within the space, it may seem an age since two of the major players in the industry, BitConnect and Genesis Mining, suddenly seemed to crash and burn before finally coming back to life.

In reality, it has only been a couple of weeks, well let’s say a few weeks at the most, that we have had to wait for these companies to get their sh*t back on track.

But on track they are. We saw BitConnect come back to life a few days ago, once they had cleaned up the mess following the exploitation of a bug on the website by a few members. The BitConnect team seems to have done a great job keeping users notified and updated about the issue, and we just had to wait it out. Back in action as of a couple days ago and everyone’s looking forward to more of that compoundy interesty goodness in the upcoming weeks and months.

And now on to Genesis Mining, who, according to official claims, suffered an unauthorised attack when someone allegedly hacked into a hot wallet and made off with many thousands of dollars worth of crypto coins. The company took the decision to halt payments until they could shore up the website back end against any further attacks.

While the company apparently did their best to rebuild the hacked systems and get everything back to normal, from a PR perspective it was a fucking nightmare. Right or wrong, the way the company communicated with their users left many in a state of doubt, confusion and suspicion. The hard working folks at Genesis Mining, I’m sure, were doing their best to sort things out – they’re top people, but it must be said that many crypto investors would have preferred a better level of communication throughout the recovery process.

Nevetheless, Genesis Mining have at last sorted out most of the problems, and have announced that the daily payment has been re-implemented, which is good news for all users. They’re also installing new mining capacity for the big currencies, and are soon to implement mining for Bitcoin Cash, which is exciting news to a lot of us.

So there we go. After a few weeks of uncertainty within OUR crypto space, it is now good to see a couple of our most beloved service providers getting back to their best, and perhaps, better than ever! I invite you all to click the referral links below to visit Bitconnect and Genesis Mining and grab hold of that intangible coin goodness and wealth generatey greatness that we have come to expect from these awesome investment platforms.

CryptoCracker wishing you a very happy crypto!!


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