Crypto Cracker’s Complete Guide to Making Money Online with Professional Cloud Mining and free Bitcoins!

I know some of you want to make money online and are thinking about mining Bitcoin but have zero cash to invest, and I have discovered a way that you can legitimately build an online income by investing coins claimed from faucets into cloud mining with one the world’s largest professional cloud mining services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a bunch of other crypto currencies and alt-coins. All you need other than your PC is some time each day, but trust me, it is so much fun you will want to skip work/school/marriage etc.. you get the picture 🙂 Most of the steps to success using my method take about a minute to do, so you can easily log in, do the things, then log out and go about your business for a while, then come and tap it again whenever suits. And I’m ready to go so let’s begin.

First I will explain why you might want to use this method and then I will get right into the nuts and bolts.

So here’s a quick overview of the basic functions involved in my success plan for you.

  1. You are going to start collecting free Bitcoins, Litecoins and Dogecoins from a few faucets, on a regular basis, and store them in a free coin wallet on your computer;
  2. Wash, wax, wax on, wax off, rinse and repeat ’til the cows come home and then some more..
  3. You’re going to tell a friend about this method and present them with your referral link so they can start making money too. You will get a reward each time they claim free coins from the faucets, and you can teach them this method as well, and help them find a friend to sign up as well. Who knows, you might get two or three friends to start using this method, which will help you earn more coins at the same time as helping them earning free Bitcoins as well. There are so many free coins available it is crazy to think anyone should miss out.
  4. Make sure you collect those faucets several times a day then convert everything to Dogecoins and withdraw to your wallet. It takes weeks to get a decent sized stash together, so you need to do the simple steps every day and it work as you will soon see for yourself.

In fact, this is one little life hack that hardly any people know about, and believe me, some day soon even the tiniest little fractions of Bitcoin are going to be worth big money.

Your initial target is to accumulate 37,000 Dogecoins in your wallet, which is really not much in dollar terms, but it is what it is. Work those faucets hard and tell a few friends about this method and you will get there. Hey, I said this would take some time, just fit it in around your lifestyle and you’re all good. And keep in mind that your goal is to get as much free Bitcoin in your wallet as possible before the price goes to the moon, at which time you can cash it up or just live as one of the beautiful people in the world of the future.

Please think about your own situation before trying the method I am about to explain, as I cannot be held responsible for your actions or the results you may or may not achieve. You may even think of a way to do this better, and I encourage you to try whatever you can think of to get hold of Bitcoins and alt-coins for free.

My target audience is anyone with a passion to earn free Bitcoin who also has access to a computer that is connected to the internet. If you don’t have those things then you may struggle to make money using my system, but if you are hungry for an online income and have a net connected PC then you will make money over time. How much money is up to you. For now, you just need to get started so let’s get into the nuts and bolts.

Megadumpload is proud to bring you:

Crypto Cracker’s Complete Guide to Making Money Online with Professional Cloud Mining and free Bitcoins!

Phase One – The Initial Setup – setting up your computer for success!

You need a reliable computer that is connected to the internet. The computer does not have to be particularly fast or fancy, pretty much any old laptop or desktop PC will do. A standard internet connection is all you need as well, as this method does not require a super fast connection, just a reliable one.

You should install the best free anti virus software you can get. I use and recommend Avast. DO NOT PROCEED until you have an anti virus program installed on your computer! Got it? Ok. Good.

You need an email address to use to sign up on a few websites. I recommend using a different email address from your normal one to keep things tidy.

Phase Two – Prepare for the Crypt! – install a coin wallet and sign up to the CoinPot free bitcoin faucet network…

You are going to need a crypto coin wallet to store all your earnings. Some wallets do not accept small transactions like the ones you will be collecting, but Jaxx wallet does, so I recommend to use it or a similar free wallet. Just make sure the wallet you choose supports Dogecoin (I know that some wallets such as Exodus wallet do not). And make a safe copy of your password and recovery phrase for extra safety.

Once you have your wallet installed it is time to get the faucets set up in your browser. This method works well in Firefox but you can use whatever browser you like. You may need to turn off your ad blocker if you have it enabled.

Visit these free coin faucets and make your first claim.


Free Bitcoin with MoonBitcoin on Megadumpload2.

Free Litecoin with MoonLitecoin and Megadumpload3.

Free Dogecoin with MoonDogecoin and Megadumpload4.

Free Bitcoin and games on BitFun with Megadumpload


The first time you try to claim it will ask you to register a new account on CoinPot – just go ahead and do it. CoinPot will accumulate your coins until you have enough stored up to make a withdrawal (at which point you will send it to your Jaxx wallet or another wallet of your choice). I suggest always converting your balance in CoinPot to Dogecoin so you can reach the withdrawal threshold faster. This method is based on using Dogecoin a lot but if you think you know a better way then please feel free to try it. This is the way I recommend.

Phase Three – Tap Tap Tap! – Click the captchas, claim the bits, covert to Doge, withdraw!!

Keep checking in a few times each day to claim your coins. The faucets now include an in-browser-bigcoin-mining so you can accumulate an extra bonus on every claim, and we are all about maximising the returns for your efforts so consider using the miner option. Stick to the default mining option or one level above. A note: the fastest option may interfere with your normal use of the computer or put too much stress on the CPU so think carefully before using that setting. If you feel strange then just use the standard claim from the faucet with the mining box unchecked.

Phase Four – Maximize the Doge Goodness – How to get Referrals

Once your accumulation of Dogecoins has begun it is time to share this method with one or two of your friends. The easiest and quickest way is to post your referral link with a short note on Facebook, or if you use Twitter or another social platform, share your link on those.

Look at the lower part of the page on the Bitcoin faucet site for this heading..

( “Do you have an affiliate/referral program?” )

Click the link on the faucet page and a dialog box will pop up showing your referral link. Copy that link and save into a text file on your desktop before getting the referral links from the Litecoin and Dogecoin faucets as well. Remember to also copy the referral link for the BitFun faucet as well – you can find it from the ‘Account’ dropdown menu.

Let your friends know what you’re doing and show them how they can get involved. Make sure they use all your referral links so you get all your referral bonuses. Once your friends have joined you can show them how to get referrals for themselves, that way everyone is motivated to keep doing their claims and getting all their bonuses.

How to convert your Bitcoins and Litecoins to Dogecoins in CoinPot, and why you really should.

The reason you should convert all Bitcoins and Litecoins earned in CoinPot to Dogecoin is because the withdrawal threshold for Doge takes a lot less time to reach than the other coins, and you want your coins today!! Here’s how to do it..

Open your CoinPot dashboard and take a look at the coin headings for each coin. Click on the dropdown box for Bitcoin as indicated in the following image then click the option that says “Convert Bitcoin…”

CoinPot Dashboard - Converting Bitcoin and Litecoin to Dogecoin

On the following screen, select the coin you want to convert into, i.e. Dogecoin, click “maximum”, enter your password and click the “Convert” button. Confirm it on the next screen.

Once the conversion is done you need to refresh your CoinPot Dashboard and you will see the new coin balances. Now go ahead and convert your Litecoins to Doge in the same way you did for Bitcoins.

Keep accumulating your coins in this way until you have 50 Dogecoins, which is the minimum you need in order to withdraw and send to your Jaxx wallet (or other wallet of your choice).

How to withdraw free Bitcoins, Litecoins and Dogecoins from your CoinPot Dashboard.

Before you can withdraw your coins from CoinPot you need to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold. If you convert your Bitcoins and Litecoins to Dogecoin you will be able to withdraw much sooner than if you were to keep them unconverted. If you are visiting the faucets a few times each day and converting all your Bitcoins and Litecoins to Doge then you should be able to reach the withdrawal threshold in about 2 days. It will vary depending on how many times you visit the faucets and whether or not you make the most of the bonuses. Remember that everything will happen faster if you also get one or two referrals so make sure you share your referral links on Facebook then teach your friends this method.

Open your CoinPot Dashboard and look for the heading for the coin you want to withdraw, in this case, Dogecoins. Click the dropdown arrow next to the “View dogecoin summary” button, then select the “Withdraw dogecoin option.

The following screen has several boxes that you need to complete in order to make your withdrawal. You may need to copy and paste the Dogecoin address from your Jaxx wallet, because that is where you’re going to send the Doge you have accumulated in CoinPot. Do that now if you need to, then click “maximum”, type your CoinPot password into the box then go ahead and solve the captcha to prove you’re not a robot. Once you have all the boxes filled, click the “Withdraw” button at the bottom of the screen. A confirmation box will come up next, click it to confirm.

Where to find Dogecoin address in Jaxx wallet
You will need to copy the Dogecoin address from your Jaxx wallet and paste it into the withdrawal screen in CoinPot. Make sure you copy the correct address as wrong addresses can result in lost coins.

A dialog box will then pop up to inform you that your withdrawal is ready to process. You now need to check your email for a final confirmation before the withdrawal is finalized. It can take a few minutes for the email to arrive at your inbox so be patient. Remember, it is the email address you used when you signed up on CoinPot and the faucets.

Once you receive the email, go ahead and click the confirmation link then sit back and relax. It can take a few hours for the withdrawn coins to hit your Jaxx wallet, so just go to bed and play games for a few hours.

YOUR GOAL IS TO COLLECT 37,000 DOGECOINS so keep on clicking those faucets and converting those coins. Get a friend or two involved and start collecting coins together. Ask around at work or school and share your referral links to people on your Facebook. Everything you can think of to get people using your links so your coins add up faster. If you have no friends that you want to share the experience with then that’s no problem, it will just take longer to add up the coins but be patient and remain focused on your goal.

Once you have 37,000 Doge saved up you can move on to the next step. Cloud mining with one of the world’s best cloud mining service providers, Genesis Mining.

How to buy a professional cloud mining contract on Genesis Mining using Dogecoin (also works with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, or your credit card).

Once you have a hefty stash of Dogecoins you can start investing them to generate new income streams, including cloud mining.

Cloud mining is a proven way to make money, and it takes the hassle out of mining for Bitcoins and alt-coins. With cloud mining you generally earn less than you might by setting up your own Bitcoin mining farm at home but it is a lot easier to get set up and running, and you can start with just a few dollars on your credit card or in the case of this method, around 37,000 Dogecoin. Just keep on tapping those faucets is all I’m going to say. And help a friend or two to get started as well (or your whole school LOL).

Once you have reached your target of Dogecoins, it is time to invest them into cloud mining, so click on this link here to go to Genesis Mining and sign up a new account. I recommend using the two factor authentication for big websites like Genesis Mining because you are talking major money and nobody wants to lose coins to hackers.

Once you have signed up your account and activated it with your email address you can go ahead and buy a Hashpower contract using your Dogecoins, your credit card, or whatever other coins you may have that Genesis accept.

Browse the list of contracts available. These do change from time to time. Contracts for a particular coin may or may not be available at any given time due to capacity and demand but there are always a few tasty options. Keep in mind that you can allocate your hashpower to mine various other coins alongside or instead of the main coin in the title of the contract. The 2 year Ether mining contract allows you to mine Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Steem, etc. So many choices – so much fun 🙂

Special Discount Code for Genesis Mining

When you are ready to purchase a cloud mining contract go ahead and drag the slider for your desired contract across to the right level for the amount you are ready to spend. There is a payment selector in the right sidebar, set on Credit Card by default. Click the dropdown arrow and select Dogecoin. Now take another look at the sliders and see how much you can get for your coins. If you diversify your spend you will have more bases covered in terms of the coins you will mine, but on the other hand it will take longer to reach the payout threshold than if you focus your hash power towards one coin. For the purposes of this money making method I recommend buying a few hashes of Ethereum as a starting point, or Bitcoin as and when it is available. Make sure you copy and paste your Jaxx (or other) wallet address for each coin into the settings page in your Genesis Mining profile. Some coins, such as Monero, require different wallets, so take that into consideration as well.

Once you have made your selection as selected your payment type, click the “Continue” button. On the next screen, enter my special discount code OnGxTZ and you will receive a 3% discount of the price of the contract, and every percentage helps. In return for you using my link, I will receive a tiny bit of boost for my own hash power (a benefit you will also have when you start sharing your own discount codes in the same way you shared your faucet referral links).


Smart people want to get their hands on Bitcoin, but not everyone has the freely available cash on hand to spend on this digital gold that we all crave. In this article we have introduced you to the concept of Bitcoin faucets and shown you how to generate a slow and steady income stream in the form of Bitcoins, Litecoins and Doegecoins. We have then shared with you the steps to follow in order to get a few referrals and maximize your earnings with the extra bonuses available on the faucet sites. You have then learned how to convert your Bitcoins and Litecoins into Dogecoins, and then how to withdraw those Dogecoins to your Jaxx or other coin wallet on your own computer. Finally, we have shown you how to purchase a cloud mining contract on Genesis Mining using our special discount code. The information is now yours: you now know how to generate an online income by collecting free crypto coins and investing them in cloud Bitcoin mining, the question is, do you have the passion required to go and stake your claim?

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