Mainstream adoption of cryptos advances as Bitcoin sits solid over $8000

The developing crypto currency space took a big leap forward with the dollar value of the largest and most popular crypto currency, Bitcoin, passing the $8000US mark this week. As the first digital currency of its type, Bitcoin is seen as the grand-daddy of the cryptos, and is in a huge growth phase as mainstream adoption scales up.

Bitcoin is traded continuously for other crypto currencies and US dollars on no fewer than 22 crypto currency exchanges, and the price for the coin popped through the $8000 mark on at least three of them on November 17th before falling back slightly as a lot of investors took the chance to cash out from the digital asset and take their profits. Three days later and the price of Bitcoin is back up over $8000 on all but a few of the exchanges, with plenty of buyer support apparently shifting into the crypto space from more traditional markets.

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