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Great faucet update for 2018 – CoinPot faucets now using Solve Media

Hi clickers, and happy new year to you! I know I’m a few hours ahead of time but I just wanted to share some great news that will affect many people who earn cryptos using faucets, and that news is – the faucets are now using Solve Media for their captchas!

If you have used a lot of faucets in the past you know what a complete pain in the neck it is when faucets use google recaptcha – that service is buggy and shuts down your claiming at every opportunity. I swear google hates people earning free cryptos, which is why it is so great today to see that CoinPot have included the option for users to select Solve Media. This is a game changer and you should be really excited about it. I know I am.

If you are new to faucets here is the important list of faucets for the CoinPot network. First of all, sign up using a secondary email address at

Then visit each of these faucets and sign in using the same email address you just used at CoinPot.









Now start claiming your coins every few minuts and they will be sent direct to your CoinPot account. You can withdraw to your own wallet once you reach the payment threshold. Keep in mind that you can exchange your coins inside your CoinPot account in order to achive the withdrawal threshold a lot faster (e.g. reach a Doge withdrawal in 24 hours).

Make sure you share this post with your faucety friends and get your referral links out there for even more coins!!


Happy clicking!!