How to secure a computer for using crypto faucets

A computer with the right tools is a happy computer

Hello crypto fans. Are you concerned about the security of your computer when claiming coins from faucets? Do you have a feeling there is something you need to do to protect your information but aren’t sure what to do? In this post I will show you a couple of things you should consider doing to protect your computer and your personal data.

Let’s face it. Crypto currencies are highly sought after by a lot of people, and some of those people are more interested in taking coins rather than buying them or earning them legitimately. In other words, when it comes to crypto coins – theft does happen. For that reason, it makes sense to put some barriers in place to make it as difficult as possible for them to get any of yours.

First up, I recommend to protect your PC against direct hacking attempts by installing a decent firewall. The security features built into Windows operating systems may not be good enough to keep serious hackers out of your stuff. And believe me, hackers who try to steal crypto currency are serious. So it is important to use a serious solution. I suggest a program called “Privatefirewall 7.0” – there are many other firewalls you can choose from but that is one that I like. You can download it from CNET here.

A firewall filters out unwanted web traffic while allowing friendly traffic.
A firewall filters out unwanted web traffic while allowing friendly traffic.

The next important step is to get yourself a decent anti-virus program. I have tried many of these over the years and personally recommend Avast Free Version. It has good features and is dependable. We all pick up viruses and trojans from time to time but thanks to Avast, nothing has ever slipped through undetected. There is one downside to Avast, and that is that the program often prompts you to upgrade to a paid version, however that only seems to happen about once a week and is just something that I personally am not too bothered by. I actually purchased an upgrade for Avast on one of my computers a while back, but I kept getting the occasional notification that there was another paid upgrade I should buy. There is probably no limit to the number of addons they could sell you but as for me, I am happy to stick with the free version, and just run that alongside my firewall. Download the free version from Avast here.

Antivirus software protects your computer against viruses and other nasty infections.
Antivirus software protects your computer against viruses and other nasty infections.

Once you have your firewall and antivirus set up, you are safer from attackers than you were before, but of course, there are always more threats lurking around the interwebbings in general and the cryptosphere in particular. In my opinion it is also vitally important to make a backup of your important files! Get yourself an external drive and either make a full backup of your system or at least make a copy of your documents folders. Make sure to save a copy of the private keys from all your crypto wallets, and a text document with your passwords. I also recommend to make a backup of your browser bookmarks. Basically, think about all the files and data you would miss if your entire computer caught fire in an earthquake and got hit by a crashing plane and a train ran over it and it fell into a volcano. Again, save a backup copy of your important files, private keys and bookmarks, and you will be better placed in the event of a catastrophic PC failure.

Making your way in the crypto space can be a tricky business, and there are pitfalls and hazards around every bend. The threats posed by hackers and potential thieves are very real, and it is up to every fauceteer and crypto collector to protect their own coins, data and devices. In this post I have introduced a few steps you can take to protect your system, and given you examples of a good firewall and antivirus you can use to keep your computer and your coins safe. Now, go ahead and get your PC set up for safer faucet claims and make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way… and happy clicking!!

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