Golden Farm

Golden Farm

Golden Farm

Golden Farm is a game faucet with a simple objective: buy birds; collect and sell eggs; withdraw coins. Of course, there is more to it than that. There are birds of many different levels and prices. You start with one bird for free and start collecting its eggs. Keep collecting and selling the eggs to earn silver, then use the silver to buy more birds as your balance increases. Higher level birds produce more eggs, which means you naturally earn more coins as you play the game each day. There is also a random daily claim for extra silver and a good referral program to boost your earnings. It is quite slow in the beginning but one you have a few birds in your farm the eggs – I mean coins – really start rolling in! Lots of fun and definitely worth adding to your daily faucet claiming routine. Note – the banner above links to the English version of the game.

For the ENGLISH version of the game, click here!!

For the RUSSIAN version of the game, click here!!

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Author: Megadump