Earn Free Stellar Lumens with Coinbase – for New and Existing Coinbase Users!

Earn Stellar Lumens on Coinbase

Earn Stellar Lumens on Coinbase

Hi crypto collectors. Are you interested in collecting a few dollars’ worth of Stellar Lumens for free from Coinbase? If so, I can show you how to get that done in just a few minutes. As a disclaimer, I will earn some XLM for helping you, so it is a win-win opportunity. Also, this method applies to not only new Coinbase members but also for existing members, so let’s get started.

So here’s a quick background. Stellar Lumens is a crypto currency usually represented by the tag XLM. It has been around a little while and is quite well known. In order to help increase its visibility and mainstream adoption, a lot of the currency is being given away at no cost, although it actually has a value in USD (currently around $0.10 per token).

Coinbase rewards new and existing users a few dollars’ worth of XLM upon completion of a small task, which just involves watching a short video and answering a simple question after the video. There are five of these quick lessons and you earn $2 worth of Stellar Lumens for each one. To get started just click this link to go straight to coinbase or click on the banner below.

Free Stellar Lumens on Coinbase

Author: Megadump