How to play Crypto Idle Miner and earn HORA tokens

Crypto Idle Miner

Hi crypto collectors. Today I am going to show you an exciting new game for mobile devices that allows you to earn coins while having fun. Crypto Idle Miner is a new virtual crypto mining game that incredibly addictive and a lot of fun.. and whatsmore – you can actually earn crypto currency just for playing. In this post I will show you the basics of the game and show you how to start making some good progress fast.

Crypto Idle Miner

So, first you need to install the app itself. It is available for iOS and Android. I use the Android version but the iOS is the exact same game.. I believe the game can even be run on an Android emulator but I have never done that so this guide is for the regular Android platform.

Start by getting the app here and installing. The file size is not too big, so it installs pretty quickly.

Once you install the app, you will have an icon on your device called Crypto Idle Miner or Crypto Miner.. go ahead and click it to open. The game just takes a few seconds to load and to connect to the servers.

Once the game opens you will see a few sections on the page.. the top menu displays a link to the Leaderboards as well as a gear to enter the settings area. You don’t need those yet. The stats bar just underneath shows your mining rate and your balances for two types of currency. The green one is your regular ingame cash whereas the blue number in the right-hand box is your Super Cash. That is the equivalent of ingame gold. No need to worry about those areas just yet. For now, you need to enter the account section at the very bottom middle of the screen. Click the place where your avatar will be then find the account details section.

You need to create an account using your email address. As with all crypto sites, I recommend not to use your main email account for setting up your Crypto Idle Miner account, also known as your HORA account. HORA is the name of the games company that made the game – it is also the name of the crypto tokens that you can earn by playing… So go ahead and sign up for your account. Once you confirm your email you will be given a chance to set your username.

Crypto Idle Miner Layout

With your account set up you may need to close and reopen the app to start playing the game. It is now time to get into the game itself. Re-open the game and take a look at the main screen. Many of the perks and bonuses rely on you watching short videos and ads. You will see a button called “Bonus Boost”. When you click that button you will be shown a short advertising video.. most of them last 20-30 seconds. Each ad you watch will increase your bonus booster by 4 hours. The bonus boost doubles your earning rate so it is really worth doing. Go ahead and watch one video now to get your boost activated. You can watch more later so just do one for now, or just move to the next step.

Just below the Bonus Boost button you can see four small animated computer screens. Those represent crypto trading screens, and you will soon employ some little guys to sit in front of the screens to do some crypto trading on your behalf.

On the left-side of the screen there is an area that represents your trading efficiency, which starts at 0%, and below that you will see an area that represents your power production and efficiency. You will eventually be able to employ managers to run your power and trading sections, but for starters you need to do them manually. Don’t worry – it is very simple to operate.

You will notice a pair of black and yellow striped lines. Below those lines is the area where your miners will be deployed. On the very left-side is a power generator. Click the generator to supply electricity for 30 seconds, then click the mining rack in the middle of the screen to mine some coins. A little progress bar will light up while the miner is running. As with most clicker games, you need to click that miner every few seconds to mine a few more coins, and click the power unit every 30 seconds to keep power running into the system. Once you have some coins mined, click on one of the trading screens to trade your crypto coins. Again, a progress bar will show that process as it happens. Once your coins are traded, you will see some coins in your main balance at the top of the screen. You just made some ingame money!! Now go make some more and build up a balance.

As your balance increases you will notice an arrow appear that allows you to level up your miner. You want to level that up a few times – perhaps until it gets to level 10, at which time it will have a big jump in performance. Also as your balance increases, an outline will appear in the power section, which indicates that you can now hire an infrastructure manager to run your power supply. Click on the outline and you will be shown a list of available managers to choose from. Go ahead and employ one of them. As your balance increases further, you will also get an outline for a trading manager and an expert miner, so go ahead and employ those guys as soon as you can. If you scroll the page upwards you will also notice a place where you can buy and deploy your second miner, and it is good to get that installed and leveled up a bit as soon as you can.

Notice in the bottom-right of the screen a little building-icon with the word “Ethash” above it. That means you are controlling a building that runs the Ethash mining script. You will eventually unlock five other buildings. If you click on the building icon you will be taken to a town map where you will soon be able to switch between your buildings. Go back into the Ethash building by clicking on it on the map.

Once your mining building is open again, scroll your way all the way down to the basement by swiping upwards. You will see a little research scientist. It takes a while to unlock the research projects. There are only a few of them but they are quite powerful so make sure you check back here in an hour or so. If you click on the research lab itself you will open another little screen with a few areas that will become important later in the game.

Scroll back up to your miners. You need to deploy five miners before you can buy some fans to keep them running at the perfect temperature. To do that, you need to grow your balance and keep leveling up to mine and trade faster. It is also important to level up your trading and infrastructure managers to keep their efficiency as high as possible. As you upgrade your miners, you will need more power and more efficient traders, so try to keep everything in balance.

From time to time you may notice some of your miners starting to overheat. You need to buy the fans to keep them cool so make that your top priority.

When you click on one of your miners you will see a range of different crypto currencies they can mine. Most of them need to be unlocked, which can be expensive. The coins become more profitable the further on you go in the game. You will notice that when you click on one of your crypto trader guys, you can also select which type of coin you want them to trade. They can only trade coins that you have already mined, so make sure you have them set to trade coins you are actively mining or else they will sit around doing nothing and you won’t make any money.

Once you have deployed five mining machines and a set of fans, you can change settings for all five miners simply by clicking the fans and changing the settings for all those five miners with a single click. This becomes very handy as you progress in the game.

After an hour or so, you might be able to start your first research project. You can get a mining booster, a trading booster, free aidrops, coin “pumps”, as well as some other projects. They are pretty cool. Remember to click inside the research lab from time to time to see if any other options have been unlocked. One of those extra options is a thing called “Prestige”.. which is like a super booster that increases your total production for a building but requires you to restart the building from scratch. I recommend doing your Prestige once it gets to the “Stretch Goal” stage, as the benefit may be reduced if you do it too soon. The longer you delay your Prestige – the more powerful it will be, so plan your moves.

Once you start unlocking fans, you will get a list of goals that must be met before you can start deploying more miners. Set your miners to generate the required coins and make sure to set at least one crypto trader to sell them. Remember that by now, you can change the settings for five miners at a time by clicking on the fans.

Each time you reach those goals, you will do a new unlock, and will gain some rewards. Your managers will receive upgrade cards, and you might receive some plants and cats, which can also give you a boost. There is more info coming on cats and plants as time goes by, and of course the game is still quite new so there are likely to be a few changes as time goes by.

You will eventually unlock your second building, at which time, you can move to it by clicking the little building icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, as explained earlier. Keep in mind that for the best results, you need to continue operating your first building efficiently while developing your second building and all the other buildings you unlock over time. The more actively you manage your buildings and mine coins, the more Super Cash and HORA Tokens you will earn.

HORA Tokens are a crypto currency created by the developers of the game that players will receive based on their performance in the game. You can see how many HORA Tokens you have earned by clicking the profile avatar in the bottom-middle of your building screen. You can withdraw your HORA Tokens to a wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens… MetaMask is an ERC-20 and Ethereum wallet that installs as an add-on for Chrome browser. Join the game’s Discord channel for details of other wallets that will support HORA Tokens.

So there you go. You should now be all set to play Crypto Idle Miner and earn some nice HORA Tokens at the same time. Please feel free to share this guide with your friends and see who can build the best mining buildings. Enjoy!! **CLICK HERE TO START!!