Getting started with faucets

So, the overall plan here is to get yourself one or more wallets (check our wallets page for a list of good ones), sign up for a FaucetHub and/or CoinPot account; do some faucet claims and accumulate a stash of coins, then send your coins to a crypto exchange and start trading for profit to increase your overall holdings. There are also various ways you can cash-out your cryptos into your local currency but we will look at that a bit later.

Security is a serious issue any time currency is involved, so make sure your windows is up to date and you have a decent anti virus installed. A firewall such as PrivateFirewall is also a good idea. You might want a higher level of security than the functions built into windows provide, so install some decent security. For more help with PC security please read this post.

Create a secondary email account to be used for signing up on sites, as you will definitely receive spam emails from various sites.

I also recommend creating a text file on your desktop to keep your wallet addresses and passwords handy.

As a starting wallet I recommend Exodus. Set it up, generate an address for some of the major coins, and make a hardcopy backup of your private keys.

Alright – what are you waiuting for? Get fauceting.. and have fun!!

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Author: Megadump