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Build your Bitcoin Empire!!

This website is designed to help you build a portfolio of crypto currencies without spending any money. We show you how to earn small amounts of cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc, and then trade them profitably on some well known crypto currency exchanges.

By using the resources available on this site, such as coin faucets, trading charts and coin info pages, you will learn and develop the skills to effectively trade crypto currencies for profit and build your own stash of coins.

On this site you will learn about concepts and terms such as faucet “claiming”, “micro wallets”, “FaucetHub”, “Bitcoin”, “alt-coins” and much more. In time, these words and methods will become second nature to you. You may even find yourself lying in bed at night dreaming about the great things to come. That is a natural and pleasant side effect of being part of the crypto revolution… enjoy!!

If you are new to crypto currencies (otherwise known simply as “cryptos”), then it is recommended to read our “About Bitcoin” article, and also check out the other links shown in the footer of this page – they will give you a bit of a foundation upon which to build your Bitcoin empire.

How to use this website

There is a ton of information on this website, and a lot of it constantly changes inline with the dynamic industry in which we operate. We often change sections of the site to bring you the latest faucets and resources more easily, which also means that the appearance and functionality of this site can also change from time to time – usually without prior notice. Say Hi to all the fauceteers in the Shoutbox! And check our Blog for the latest updates.