The Money Matrix

The Money Matrix

If you have watched the Matrix movies, starring Keanu Reeves, you will be familiar with the concept of a mind prison. In The Matrix, we see Reeve’s character, ‘Neo’, wake up and break out of a system of slavery that was forced upon people by machines, which grew humans in order to harness the heat energy that their bodies produced. It was a fantastical scenario that was also quite fathomable, albeit highly unlikely. Are we as taxpayers though, nothing more than slaves ourselves, trapped within a corrupt financial system – a Money Matrix – so to speak?

The machines in the Matrix movies used a virtual environment to keep humans entrapped, believing they were living real lives, rather than serving as batteries to provide power for the mechanical world.

Now, while The Matrix movie series portrayed a fictional scenario, it is possible that we are actually trapped in an altogether different yet parallel type of enslavement – economic slavery?

Consider the following:

The business world revolves around a type of financial machinery. Central banks essentially loan money to national governments, charging interest which must be repaid in addition to the capital borrowed. Bear in mind that the capital itself never actually exists in any form prior to the loan being made; it is just numbers on a page or in a digital account.

For example: the Federal Reserve System lends money to the US Federal Government in the form of Government Bonds, which must be repaid at interest when the bonds become due. Of course, it is widely known that the system is fraudulent and is doomed for ultimate failure, because the money required to pay the interest on the loans must be borrowed as new loans, thereby creating an endless debt cycle that can never end in the ‘proper’ fashion.

But anyway, that is almost a sideline issue in terms of this article. The focus here is that we are operating within a form of economic slavery henceforth referred to as the Money Matrix.

The system works like this:

Every newborn person automatically becomes burdened with a particular amount of public debt, ie. debt to a central bank, as that person’s obligation on behalf of it’s country’s government. In many countries, the amount of public debt per person is in excess of $50,000US according to this 2017 article. US National Debt

So each person becomes a taxpayer, working hard through their years to service government loans which can never be repaid. It is an engineered system designed to keep the majority of the world’s people busy for their entire lives. The economic paradigm suppresses the people, rendering them slaves, trapped within a financial prison they cannot see and had no part in creating.

That is the prison term you get for being a human being in the modern world.

What’s worse is that in some countries, the government actually encourages people to have more children by offering a cash payment to parents with newborn babies. For example, according to an Australian government website, families can receive payments from the government for each new baby born into a family. These payments encourage people to essentially produce new taxpayers to help service the public debt. But of course, the money used to make the payments needs to come from somewhere, namely, taxpayers. Services are cut or new public debt is taken on to pay for the golden handcuffs given to every newborn Australian. The Australian Government is helping to create more debt by offering families cash up front, thereby perpetuating the endless cycle of debt. The money matrix lives in green and gold.

The Australian example may be a unique one. Nevertheless, central banks operate in almost every country, lending money created out of thin air, to governments, and feeding off the efforts of taxpayers. It is a global system that has enslaved the masses, and yet most people are oblivious to it, living out their lives believing they are free, whereas in reality they are actually slaves to the bankers. Prisoners of the Money Matrix. Food for thought, right?

Author: Megadump