Megadump’s daily 10 minute faucet claims list

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Hello Fauceteers and fellow crypto fans. I have been asked to put together a quick list of the faucets I use on a daily basis, to help other faucet claimers get great results from the time they have online each day. The faucet list in this post takes around 8 to 10 minutes to visit, depending on the time of day and the traffic each site is getting when you go for your claims. One claim from each faucet per day is a minimum – make sure you don’t miss a day. If you have more time on your hands you will be interested in my other faucet lists which take a longer time to work through. But for now, let’s take a quick look at my fast list of daily claim faucets…

The faucets in this list have a minimum of popups and shortlinks, so it is easy to make a quick claim and move down the list.

Of course, you’re going to need a FaucetHub account and a Coinpot account. These are essential for fauceteers, so go ahead and set them up. FaucetHub is here, and Coinpot is here.

Now go ahead and make these claims. This should be your 1-a-day ultra minimum claims list.

  1. Cointiply – do the faucet claim 1 time per day – minimum
  2. Fire Faucet – grab the daily bonus each day.
  3. StarCoins – grab the free rain, collect the completed job; start a new job; gather the resources and start new resource tasks.
  4. Golden Farm – grab the fresh eggs; sell the eggs; grab the daily bonus; use the new coins to buy new birds. Done.
  5. Larvel Faucet – watch the PTC Ads – nothing else for now… move along.
  6. Random Satoshi – grab the daily claims bonus then close it. Similar to FireFaucet; you can save your claims for later.. just get the daily claims and move on.
  7. Satoshi Labs – do the faucet claim and move along!!
  8. Moon Bitcoin – do one claim to pump the daily bonus – make extra claims later in the day if you have time but never miss a day – keep that daily bonus pumped!
  9. Moon Litecoin – grab at least one claim per day to pump that daily bonus!
  10. Moon Bitcoin Cash – again, grab at least one claim a day.
  11. Moon Dogecoin – you get the picture: one claim per day, minimum… to keep that daily bonus maxed out!
  12. Moon DASH – yes- it’s another Coinpot faucet. Grab the free coins and move along.
  13. Bit Fun – a great Coinpot faucet for some extra BTC. Make that fast claim and move on.
  14. Bonus Bitcoin – make that claim and you’re done. (for best results – go into the claim settings and set it to ‘always claim the average amount’). Job done.
  15. Free Bitcoin – make a claim and move right along…
  16. Febbit – Collect the bucket, do your quick chips upgrades, and you’re done!

So there you go. My daily fast faucet claims list! Of course there are lots of other great faucets that I use and recommend, but these are the ones I hit every day when I’m ultra busy. On my days-off from work I will set the auto faucets to run, and will make manual claims from a bunch of other faucets and PTC sites – but for a quick daily routine, this list is my go-to faucet list. I hope you can get the same reliable, profitable results that I get from them: I’m sure you will. As always, I wish you the very best success. Megadump.

Author: Megadump