Complete some easy lessons on Coinbase and earn up to $50 of EOS


Hi crypto collectors, Megadump here, and today I want to share an offer with you that lets you earn EOS by completing some very easy tasks.

This offer applies to anyone with a Coinbase account who hasn’t used this offer before – NEW and EXISTING Coinbase members qualify!

There are five quick lessons where you watch a short video and answer one simple question. You earn $2 for each lesson, so you can easily make $10 in around 30 minutes.

After that you can earn $10 by referring another person to the site who then completes one lesson as well.

You may invite four people altogether which will earn you $40, making $50 in total, which you get in EOS.

You can either withdraw the EOS direct to your own wallet or exchange it for another coin first then withdraw. I took mine out as Litecoin, but you can choose from a number of the major coins.

This is the fastest way to earn crypto that I have found yet, and I am amazed that Coinbase is still offering it, but they are. I recommend grabbing it while the offer is still open. Just click this link to get started.

Author: Megadump