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Coinpot maintenance is complete! Faucets running great!

Hi claimers! Great news today.. server maintenance has been completed at Coinpot, so all the faucets are running better than ever. This is awesome because the Coinpot faucets have been a mainstay of the faucet industry for quite a while.

If you are not a Coinpot user yet, it is highly recommended to ready my Coinpot Guide, here.

What are the benefits of using Coinpot faucets?

  • Very simple claims
  • Claim amount increases over time
  • Daily loyalty bonus
  • Claim the most popular coins!
  • An independent faucet network – no FaucetHub account required!
  • Excellent for first time or experienced faucet claimers!

So if you are new to crypto faucets or for some reason do not have a FaucetHub account, you should start claiming today with Coinpot (and yes – if you ARE a FaucetHub user, you still have the option to withdraw to your FaucetHub account as well!!).

So for a quick review, here are the links…

  1. MoonBit (Bitcoin BTC)
  2. MoonLite (Litecoin LTC)
  3. MoonCash (Bitcoin Cash BCH)
  4. MoonDoge (Dogecoin DOGE)
  5. MoonDash (DASH)
  6. BitFun (Bitcoin BTC)
  7. BonusBitcoin (Bitcoin BTC)
  8. My Coinpot Guide

As always, I wish you the very best success!!