About Megadumpload

About Megadumpload
Megadumpload is a website created to help regular people achieve financial freedom through investment in Bitcoin and crypto currencies.

Megadumpload is a website owned and administered by Michael Nunn, a resident and crypto enthusiast located in New Zealand. Megadumpload was created for the purpose of assisting regular people to enhance their lives through wise investing in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Old Problems

Out with the old

Centralized banking put control of the world's money in the hands of a few incredibly rich and powerful families. By manipulating the financial markets and the media, those families have coerced politicians and gained influence over many governments around the world, and used that influence to further their own greedy interests. As a result of their unchecked lust for power they have ensnared much of the world's population in an ever expanding cycle of debt.

New Solutions

In with the new

Decentralized banking gives people control over their own money without the interference of banks and third party institutions. With Bitcoin and crypto currency, people are able to trade wherever they like and with whomever they choose. Blockchain technology delivers a level of convenience and pseudonymity that traditional banking never could. Trust is build right into the crypto code. Every transaction conducted using crypto currency helps to erode the powerbase of the central banking cartel and helps pave the way for a free and open society.