Auto Faucets for FaucetHub

Auto faucets for FaucetHub
An up to date list of auto faucets and coin floodgates for FaucetHub. These work best in Chrome browser with "Auto Refresh" extension.

Name Coin Timer Background Miner Link
Doge Flood Auto FaucetDOGE1minNoStart now!
Japakar 1min Potcoin AutoPOT1minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 1min Primecoin AutoXPM1minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 1min Dogecoin AutoDOGE1minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 1min Blackcoin AutoBLK1minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 1min Litecoin AutoLTC1minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 1min Ethereum AutoETH1minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 1min Dash AutoDASH1minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 1min Peercoin AutoPPC1minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 4min Potcoin AutoPOT4minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 4min Primecoin AutoXPM4minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 4min Dogecoin AutoDOGE4minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 4min Blackcoin AutoBLK4minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 4min Litecoin AutoLTC4minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 4min Ethereum AutoETH4minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 4min Dash AutoDASH4minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 4min Peercoin AutoPPC4minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 12min Bitcoin Cash Auto-XBCH12minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 12min Blackcoin Auto-XBLK12minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 12min Bitcoin Auto-XBTC12minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 12min BitCore Auto-XBTX12minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 12min Dash Auto-XDASH12minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 12min Dogecoin Auto-XDOGE12minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 12min Ethereum Auto-XETH12minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 12min Litecoin Auto-XLTC12minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 12min Peercoin Auto-XPPC12minOptionalStart now!
Japakar 12min Primecoin Auto-XXPM12minOptionalStart now!
Fire Faucet NetworkVarious2minNoStart now!
MageBTC BLK Auto FaucetBLK1minNoStart now!
MageBTC DOGE Auto FaucetDOGE1minNoStart now!
MageBTC PPC Auto FaucetPPC1minNoStart now!
MageBTC XPM Auto FaucetXPM1minNoStart now!
MageBTC POT Auto FaucetPOT1minNoStart now!
Mishangs Auto Dogecoin ClaimDOGE2minNoStart now!
Mishangs Auto Potcoin ClaimPOT2minNoStart now! Potcoin AutoPOT6minNoStart now! Blackcoin AutoBLK6minNoStart now! BitCore AutoBTX6minNoStart now! Dogecoin AutoDOGE6minNoStart now!
Autoclaim Ethereum AutoETH6minNoStart now! Litecoin AutoLTC6minNoStart now! Peercoin AutoPPC6minNoStart now!
Venygana Dogecoin AutoDOGE1minNoStart now!
Venygana Blackcoin AutoBLK1minNoStart now!
Venygana Potcoin AutoDOGE1minNoStart now!
Autodoge Dogecoin FloodgateDOGE1minNoStart now!
Floodcoins Blackcoin FloodgateBLK1minNoStart now!
Floodcoins BitCore FloodgateBTX1minNoStart now!
Floodcoins Dash FloodgateDASH1minNoStart now!
Floodcoins Dogecoin FloodgateDOGE1minNoStart now!
Floodcoins Litecoin FloodgateLTC1minNoStart now!
Floodcoins Peercoin FloodgatePPC1minNoStart now!
Floodcoins Primecoin FloodgateXPM1minNoStart now!
Floodcoins Potcoin FloodgatePOT1minNoStart now!
Jogoy Auto Doge ClaimDOGE2minNoStart now!
Norick's Dogecoin FloodgateDOGE5minNoStart now!
Norick's DOGE Floodgate #2DOGE1minNoStart now!
Norick's Blackcoin FloodgateBLK5minNoStart now!
Norick's Potcoin FloodgatePOT1minNoStart now!
Norick's Potcoin Floodgate #2POT5minNoStart now!
Norick's Potcoin Short FloodgatePOT1minNoStart now!
Norick's Auto Blackcoin Floodgate #2BLK1minNoStart now!
Norick's Dogecoin Short FloodgateDOGE1minNoStart now!
DeadSats Blackcoin Auto FaucetBLK1minOptionalStart now!
DeadSats BitCore Auto FaucetBTX1minOptionalStart now!
Deadsats Dash Auto FaucetDASH1minOptionalStart now!
DeadSats Dogecoin Auto FaucetDOGE1minOptionalStart now!
DeadSats Ethereum Auto FaucetETH1minOptionalStart now!
DeadSats Litecoin Auto FaucetLTC1minOptionalStart now!
DeadSats Peercoin Auto FaucetPPC1minOptionalStart now!
DeadSats Primecoin Auto FaucetXPM1minOptionalStart now!