Massive earthquake predicted for New Zealand

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Is New Zealand facing imminent threat of a massive earthquake large enough to destroy a city? Evidence points to increased seismic and volcanic activity around the pacific “Ring of Fire”, so how likely is it that New Zealand will be struck soon? In this article we discuss some of the evidence and the likelihood of more catastrophic earthquakes in the region.

New Zealand, a small island nation in the South Pacific, is one of the world’s little darling nations. Punching well above its weight on the global stage in terms of business, entertainment, and sports, this stunning little country also faces its own set of unique challenges in the areas of trade, geographical isolation, and racial tension. It also happens to be situated on one of the world’s more active geological fault lines, and is home to many volcanoes, both active and dormant.

Moreover, New Zealand has also experienced a number of huge earthquakes in the past few years, including two that hit the Canterbury Region, the first on 4th September 2010, registering 7.1 on the Richter scale,  and the second on 22nd February 2011, which registered 6.3 and killed 185 people. These two earthquakes and the hundreds of aftershocks that followed, many registering above 5.0, caused severe structural and infrastructural damage, cutting power to around 80% of the city of Christchurch, destroying hundreds of commercial buildings and rendering about 10,000 homes uninhabitable.

The cleanup and reconstruction bill has run into tens of billions of dollars. Many residents have subsequently fled the city and region, heading mostly northward to the country’s other major cities such as Wellington and Auckland.

So what evidence is there that similar earthquakes may be about to happen again? Well, according to GeoNet, “the official source of geological hazard information for New Zealand,” the country experiences on average a handful of earthquakes every day, and one quake measuring 6.0 or higher each year. No surprise that New Zealand once had the nickname, “the Shaky Isles”.

Possibly more relevant is the recent spate of powerful earthquakes being experienced at other points around the Ring of Fire recently. Strong quakes have been recorded off the coast of Mexico, in the Philippines, Indonesia, and of course the catastrophic earthquakes suffered by Japan this year. The image below is taken from the RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service website:

ROSE Disaster Map

The “Ring of Fire” is clearly seen running around the edge of the Pacific Basin, and includes the western coast of North and South America, the eastern coast of Asia, and various island nations that include Japan, Indonesia, and New Zealand. It is one of the world’s most active regions in terms of seismic and volcanic activity.

Youtube blogger ‘TruthUnveiled777’ raises his own concerns about seismic activity around the Pacific in this video.

A recent post on Prophezine discusses increased volcanic and earthquake activity along the west coast of the United States, which forms part of the Ring of Fire as well.

The list of data sources that corroborate this evidence is growing, and it is fair to expect and prepare for a major earthquake anywhere along the ring at any time. New Zealand, along with a number of other Pacific nations, could be hit hard, very hard, and without warning.

But we do have warning. The warning signs are all around us, just open your eyes and see for yourself.

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