Global Elite most likely behind Brexit result – UK, USA and European Union to be destroyed to pave the way for the New World Order

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So, the good hearted Britons have struck a blow for freedom and democracy, and have derailed the plans of the global elite’s New World Order. Congratulations are in order, I’m sure.

However, when I take a step back and look at the bigger picture with critical thinking, I find various aspects of the fairy tale to be very, very intriguing indeed.

It is possible and quite likely that the Brexit result is exactly part of the elite’s New World Order plan. Think about it. You’ve already got Europe on the brink of destruction from the so-called refugee crisis (which is in fact nothing less than an Islamic invasion – mostly young, fit men and soldiers with a smokescreen of civilians), economic troubles the world over, pending food riots in the States, and enough military tension to hold it all together. The elite are just setting the scene. The UK and the USA will merge, mark my words. Things will come to a head so bad that populations will be absolutely desperate to receive the ‘solution’ that is the New World Order. Just remember that everything that has to happen, will indeed happen. Brexit has happened because it had to, and as much as I admire the courage of the older Brits for what they have done and achieved, I think in the bigger picture it will pan out that the Brexit result is just another part of the overall plan. All existing systems including the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States of America must be demolished and swept away so the new Global Government can be brought in to fill the void. Do you think the British Prime Minister would ever have allowed the referendum if there had not been many, many hours of careful consideration and planning by very clever people? He would only have called for the referendum if his intention was to lose it. Come on, we cannot afford to take this at face value. I call on every critical thinker to give this more attention.


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