Megadumpload Predicts Trump Fake Death

Megadumpload predicts fake assassination attempt on Donald Trump

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Megadumpload Predicts Trump Fake Death

So with the investigation process of Hillary Clinton now being reviewed, you might think the plan of the globalists has been derailed. It is our opinion at Megadumpload that this is merely a hiccup along the path to their ultimate goal. Indeed, the whole situation of Hillary’s transgression may have been planned to make her look so compromised in order to rattle the nerve of her supporters. Remember, their plan requires uncertainty and division among American citizens. With that side of the political equation taken care of, are we now likely to see some type of event that will unsettle Trump’s side? We predict that there will be a staged attempt on Trump’s life during the next couple of months. They may even go so far as to fake his death entirely and let him slip away to a safe retreat perhaps in Antarctica or New Zealand.

Trump is an actor. We know this for a fact due to his reality TV show. He is doing his part for the globalist agenda and playing his part on the big and small screens across America and the world. You know he loves being the big man in the picture. How awesome for him to become a martyr for freedom by being taken out by the bad guys. Of course, if you do see him actually being killed or murdered on TV you can be sure it is a clone that has died. All these bigwigs and media fat-cats are and will continue to be rewarded by the elite for playing their part in the ‘movie’ that we are being shown each and every day. Trump is wealthy as hell, needs no money, so his one and only priority is to protect his own life. HE WILL DO EXACTLY AS HE IS TOLD TO DO.

So here’s the prediction:

An attempt, successful or otherwise, will be made on Donald Trump’s life before the election.

Such an attempt is likely going to be the catalyst for the nationwide instigation of Martial Law.


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