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US President Barack Obama may be watching the latest election campaign shenanigans with glee, as he prepares to implement martial law in his bid to remain in office. With the Democratic National Convention in absolute turmoil, Hillary’s hopes for the top job seemingly thwarted, and with Trump now showing a small but solid and growing majority in the polls, you might think that Obama is about to leave the oval office with his tail firmly between his (or wife/hubby Michelle/Michael’s) legs. And you could possibly be right, if you believe the Alex Joneses and Infowarriors of this world.

However, there may be another narrative being played out, one that neither the main stream media nor the controlled opposition agents such as Alex Jones and his rag tag team of Infowarriors want you to think about.

And that is this:

That Obama wants to remain in office.

Obama has signed an executive order that allows him to take control of virtually every resource AND PERSON in the United States during times of peace and national crisis.

The official narrative is that Hillary Clinton would be favored to win the election but would be derailed by details of her criminal past coming to light.

Trump would then emerge as the sole survivor in the presidential race, and would go on to win by a landslide.

America would go on to become great again/ begin to hate again/ have to wait again… etc.

All very ‘American Dream-like’, right? Like it gives you warm fuzzies and has you singing USA, USA, USA in your heart of hearts, and until the cows come home.

But I think it is all way too simplistic, and tend to think there is more going on than what most Americans believe.

Key fact: there is always more going on behind the scenes than either the main stream media or the controlled opposition want you to know.

Let’s drop the party politics for a few minutes and look at things with the blinkers off, and without the red, white and blue filters blinding us to the truth.

Remember this one important fact that so many people believed a few weeks ago but have conveniently forgotten as the election draws closer: that BOTH SIDES ARE BACKED BY THE SAME MASTERS.

While it is fun watching the Democrats implode, and to imagine Hillary getting locked up and trotted off to prison, and also to think about some random right wing non-politician (yes, I am referring to Donald Trump) knocking over the establishment and striking a blow for democracy and freedom, just keep in mind what Trump really is, and what he has done to get into the position he is now in. He is a multi-billionaire who has ruthlessly sought money and power his entire life. You can be sure he has crushed many, many people on his rise to the top. He is a megalomaniac who is ONLY motivated by greed and his lust for money and power. You know from his television shows that he is completely self absorbed and egotistical.

He also loves to play the big man on the screen. He loves to act. I am also fairly sure that he loves living, and could easily be persuaded to act and lose if it meant that he continued to live.

Is it possible that the Clinton machine or someone even more shady has threatened the life of Donald Trump in order to ensure his compliance? Of course it is possible! People get death threats every day! And billionaires such as Trump most likely get more death threats than just about anyone else. Isn’t it quite possible, even highly likely that Trump has been employed to play a part in the big movie that we are shown in the media every day, to rise up against Hillary Clinton then to act as if he has been murdered – to allow Obama to declare martial law before the election?

Now I appeal to you to take a mental step back away from the election for a second. Step away from the mindless madness that is party politics, and get back into the critical thinking frame of mind that you were in just a few months ago, before the political hype took over.

Consider this scenario:

  • Obama backs Hillary for President 2016
  • Hillary’s criminal past is exposed, and her popularity drops like a stone
  • Trump’s popularity goes through the roof
  • Meanwhile, the fake cop shootings and false flag events create the illusion of increased racial tension, leading to dramatic reports in the media
  • Some catalytic event transpires, for example, a fake attempt on Trump’s life (successful or failed, but definitely fake), or a wave of riots instigated by a terrorist organization such as Black Lives Matter, creating the perfect opportunity for Obama to declare Martial Law
  • The election is cancelled
  • Obama remains in power indefinitely, or at least until a better solution can be found

Keep in mind that massive unrest is occurring in Europe at exactly the same time:

  • Multiple false flag events and Islamic invasion create unprecedented racial tension
  • Main stream media reports portray Europe on the verge of implosion and civil war
  • Tensions with Russia increase to boiling point
  • Central banks apparently on the edge of economic collapse

Now, it has been undeniably established that the CIA created ISIS, but not even Trump mentions that fact, nor does he talk about dismantling the CIA or exposing its subversive, criminal activities. That fact alone should set off huge warning bells for any rational thinker. Just remember that it is American foreign policy that has destabilized the Middle East and caused all the unrest that we see in that part of the world, and that the CIA with its covert operations is the biggest player (albeit covert) in American foreign policy. Any decent person with truth in their heart would, therefore, if elected to the office of President of the United States, strive to eliminate the CIA and get rid of all their controlled opposition agents and programs. So why isn’t Trump talking about doing that?

He isn’t talking about doing it because he has absolutely NO PLANS TO DO IT! Donald J Trump is merely playing his part in the big movie!

And what is this great movie preparing us for? What is the unrest, riots, and Black Lives Matter preparing us for?

What is Obama and his martial law executive order preparing us for?

They are preparing us for the most massive manifestation of civil unrest in modern history. False flag terrorist attacks, police shootings, race riots, faked assassinations and cancelled elections! PROBLEMS! REACTIONS!!!


They are preparing America for the same thing they are preparing Europe for: the ultimate solution.

They are preparing the United States, Europe, and the world, for the NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

One World Government. One solution to race riots. One global, unified religion. One currency. Be on the lookout for the Pope to suggest the preparation of a new, unified bible. Be wary, that he might to try unite all religions under one banner, as a solution to the Islamic threat. Get ready for an announcement from him that all races, nations and creeds should come together in the name of peace. Oh, and America, be on the lookout for the Pope to call on YOU, to lay down your arms! Oh yes, yes he will!!

See what the global elite, that is, the global banking cartel, headed by the Rothschilds, these same Zionists – see what they have done to us? They have planned and created all these situations around the world, all these little divisions and crises: unrest in Europe; racial and political tension in the United States; economic meltdown everywhere – all these problem in our own back yards, created to make us all focus on our own situations and lose sight of the overall picture.

Megadumpload - New World Order

Do you realize it was just a few short weeks ago that many Americans were fixated on the Brexit campaign that took the United Kingdom by storm, yet now you could ask a hundred Americans in the street what they think about Brexit and they’d just look at you stupidly and say something about their favorite breakfast cereal. Their big-picture-world-view has been traded in for a myopic, localized perspective that only takes in the immediate; the US elections. Americans aren’t thinking about Britain, or Europe, or anything else to do with the rest of the world. The focus has become so pin-pointed, that the American public has, in a very short period of time, become oblivious to anything happening outside of the United States. And I assure you, there is a whole lot going on that is extremely, critically important right now.










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