Dictator Donald Trump

Nazi takeover of America is complete – how Obama paved the way for Dictator Donald Trump

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Dictator Donald TrumpTrump’s rise to political power seems to mirror that of Adolf Hitler to a great degree, and it appears that Obama has paved the way by signing a number of Executive Orders that Trump may use to seize complete control over American society once he is in office. Given that Nazi scientists and scholars were brought to the United States following World War two, and have since risen to positions of power within educational, business, and most importantly, political and media organizations, I believe we are seeing the complete takeover of the United States by the Nazis. Democrats and republicans are left and right wings of the same bird, and I believe that the big Nazi bird is pushing America headlong into total dictatorship and ultimately, the One World Government. The Trump train seems to be unstoppable, and on the surface looks a much better alternative to Hillary and co., but in the end they all serve the same masters. None of them, including Trump, have pledged to bring down the Fed or the global banking cartel, which means that none of them, including Trump, really have the best interests of the American public at heart. Goodbye America – I loved you.

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