Hillary Clinton is just a distraction used by the Nazis to get the new dictator into office.

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Hillary Clinton is displaying signs of someone with serious health issues, and is literally unfit for office. In the fullness of time it will be revealed that she was never supposed to achieve the top job in America. The path has instead, been laid purposefully for a new dictator in a land run from behind the media curtain by the Nazis.

Hillary Clinton Very IllEd Klein, whose book ‘Unlikeable’ hits shelves on Sept. 28, (2015)  told the National Enquirer that the former secretary of state is battling a host of ‘mounting health issues’ including ‘blinding headaches” that have ‘frequently plagued her.’ Source – Daily Mail

Bill Clinton HIV AIDSAdd the fact that Hillary is also dealing with the rapidly deteriorating health of her husband, former President, Bill Clinton, who is rumored to have contracted HIV AIDS during one of his many extramarital affairs. As a side note, many people believe that Bill’s ill-health is true justice for a man who was reported to have attended Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex-slave resort at least a dozen times (source – USA Politics Today).

Trump himself had strong ties to Epstein’s child sex ring, declaring Epstein to be a “terrific guy”.

Radar Online reports that a woman in California, “identified” as Katie Johnson, filed a $100 million lawsuit against Trump on April 26, accusing the real estate mogul of raping her when she was just 13 years old.

Johnson “claims Trump raped her when she was 13-years-old and forced her to engage in sex acts by threatening to harm her and her family,” notes The Independent UK. “She claims the alleged abuse took place over a four-month period at underage sex parties held in New York City in 1994.” Source – Daily Wire

The executive orders that Obama signed into being to allow a dictator to seize total control over everything have been put in place for Trump to do his thing when he wins in a landslide later this year.

What you are seeing is left and right wings of the same bird driving the machine toward the totalitarian state. We the people all know that it is the banking cartel who really run the world, and that the CIA is the dirtiest pack of scum running dark operations all over the place. That being the TRUTH, then tell me why Trump has not mentioned anything about getting rid of the Fed or dismantling the CIA?? The reason is perfectly clear: because he has no intention of doing either of those things. Why would he want to destroy a system that has made him incredibly wealthy? Trump will be the leader of Nazi America, and will use the US military to continue the destruction of opposing nations until the world is ready for the global communist government.

Hillary Clinton is now seen to be possibly the most corrupt politician the United States has ever seen, which is turning democrat voters away in their thousands, and is making Trump look like not only the obvious choice, but as the absolutely crucial choice for most people to elect as President.

Of course it needs to be noted that Obama, using his usual fork-tongued double speak about how he doesn’t even think election fraud is even a thing, is just another manifestation of pretense to make Trump look like the victim in order to win him even more favor among voters. Come election day, will Trump have eighty percent support? Ninety? Ninety nine?

For someone to ever achieve that kind of support says a lot about an electoral system. First of all it says that the system is definitely rigged. Even on his best day Trump could not possibly please every person in the nation. His redneck ideas and downright racist viewpoints might possibly earn him the admiration of more than half of the population for a short while, but rational thinkers cannot endorse many of his policies for very long, no matter how much fear mongering is thrown in with them.

Also, his remarkable rise in popularity is fueled hugely by the apparent collapse of the Democrats: the Bernie Sanders scandal, resignation of the DNC chair, numerous and ongoing FBI investigations into Crooked Hillary’s improper handling of classified emails and her lies under oath to congress, and now, of course, the recent exposition of her support for ISIS. All this bad press for the Obama administration and the Democrats is just adding fuel to the boiler that is driving the Trump train to an inevitable landslide victory.

The Zionist-run media is a well oiled device, fine tuned over many decades, and run alongside and in conjunction with the Hollywood Bullshit Machine. They have mastered the art of manipulating the masses, and are engaged in all out war against the American public. Images of war, grief and guilt are used to sway public perception, hardening the hearts and softening the minds of the common people to the point where they no longer care, nor can reason, about anything or anyone outside of the United States itself. Add in disinfo agents such as Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Alex Jones and the Infowars circus, Anonymous, and even the delightfully religious Youtube zealots such as Lisa Haven and Truthunveiled777, and you end up with an infor-motional soup of lies, half truths, and hidden agendas.

Result – a confused populace. Scared of everything, fearful of the establishment, and looking for a solution.

Cue the Don.

Billionaire, megalomaniac and alleged rapist of at least one 13 year old girl, the one and only dictator-in-waiting, Donald Trump.

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