Failure to test athletes cements Rio 2016 as the dirtiest Olympiad ever

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It has come to light that a high proportion of the volunteers who had been expected to be available to test athletes at the Rio Olympics for banned drugs only turned up to get the free lunch then scarpered, so very little anti doping testing has and is actually being conducted. What a farce! All this after the hyped up controversy about Russia. Where is the equality and fairness in world sport? I’ll tell you now: there isn’t any! One rule for Russia and another for the rest of the world.


What a disgrace. Russia has every right to feel aggrieved and absolutely pissed off at USADA, the IOC, and everyone who kicked up a stink about Russian athletes who had been caught doping. Seems liek another political move to alienate and frustrate the Russians and push them ever closer to war.

Usain Bolt - The New Lance ArmstrongHow about drug tests for Usain Bolt? This untouchable athlete wins his races by huge margins, even slowing up to keep his times within the realms of acceptability. The fact that he can cruise to the finish leaving his competitors trailing many meters behind shows that he could easily run a lot faster. Indeed, he is deliberately clocking ‘slow’ times to stop anyone from asking if he is in fact cheating. I tell you now: if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, then there is every likelihood that it is not a chicken.

Usain Bolt is the New Lance Armstrong.

How about drug tests for every American athlete? How about drug tests for every medalist? How about drug tests for the three African women who all went between 6 and 14 seconds under the previous Olympic record for the 5000 meters? I guarantee they are drug cheats. But will they be tested? Nope, not on your life. It is an utter disgrace.

The Olympic Games is nothing more than a political tool for putting pressure on the enemies of the West. A complete farce and an absolute travesty.

It is time to scrap the International Olympic Committee and bring charges of corruption against everyone involved with the Rio 2016 Olympiad. Disgusting.

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