Hillary Crumbles

Obama to Steady the Ship as Clinton’s White House Hopes Crumble

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The New World Order plan to install US President Barack Obama as interim dictator of the United States took a major step forward this week following the dramatic collapse of Democrat presidential candidate, Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton at this year’s 911 Ground Zero ceremony. In this article we take a look at the footage of her collapse which has been covered up by a complete blackout in the main stream media, and discuss how the event ties in with the emerging New World Order agenda.

So let’s take a first look at footage of Ms Clinton’s collapse taken by an unnamed bystander…

As we previously mentioned in this blog on July 27 this year, there is a secret plan behind the scenes that is being played out right in front of our eyes on television and via the rest of the main stream media. Here is a brief summary of the main points in our earlier post:

“…And that is this:

That Obama wants to remain in office.

Obama has signed an executive order that allows him to take control of virtually every resource AND PERSON in the United States during times of peace and national crisis.

The official narrative is that Hillary Clinton would be favored to win the election but would be derailed by details of her criminal past coming to light.

Trump would then emerge as the sole survivor in the presidential race, and would go on to win by a landslide.

America would go on to become great again/ begin to hate again/ have to wait again… etc.

All very ‘American Dream-like’, right? Like it gives you warm fuzzies and has you singing USA, USA, USA in your heart of hearts, and until the cows come home.

But I think it is all way too simplistic, and tend to think there is more going on than what most Americans believe.

Key fact: there is always more going on behind the scenes than either the main stream media or the controlled opposition want you to know.

Let’s drop the party politics for a few minutes and look at things with the blinkers off, and without the red, white and blue filters blinding us to the truth.

Remember this one important fact that so many people believed a few weeks ago but have conveniently forgotten as the election draws closer: that BOTH SIDES ARE BACKED BY THE SAME MASTERS.

Consider this scenario:

  • Obama backs Hillary for President 2016
  • Hillary’s criminal past is exposed, and her popularity drops like a stone
  • Trump’s popularity goes through the roof
  • Meanwhile, the fake cop shootings and false flag events create the illusion of increased racial tension, leading to dramatic reports in the media
  • Some catalytic event transpires, for example, a fake attempt on Trump’s life (successful or failed, but definitely fake), or a wave of riots instigated by a terrorist organization such as Black Lives Matter, creating the perfect opportunity for Obama to declare Martial Law
  • The election is cancelled
  • Obama remains in power indefinitely, or at least until a better solution can be found…”

Source: http://megadumpload.com/blog/348/the-trumbama-connection-paving-the-way-for-the-new-world-order/


Taking into account the fact that Hillary’s email scandal has escalated far beyond anything that most of us could have anticipated, it has become glaringly obvious not only to voters, but also to the men pulling the strings from behind the curtain, that Hillary is no longer a viable candidate for the presidency. That fact now being taken as a given, she now assumes a different role: that of the burned out has-been that can never and will never again be fit for duty in any public office. She is now just a diversion; a circus sideshow to keep the masses amused an entertained. Of course, her loyal Democrat zealots and vagina voters will continue to fawn over her with their bleeding hearts and other parts as she slips away into obscurity.

Now, back to business, and here is where it gets interesting. With Hillary’s apparently rapidly deteriorating health, President Obama can and most likely will, postpone the election, ostensibly to allow the Democrats to hold new primaries and select a new presidential candidate.

Racial tensions, protests and riots will be scaled up, with increasingly vehement displays of racial hatred and unrest spewing forth from the terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter. This unrest will inevitably lead to more cities being torched by disenfranchised and misguided young blacks, giving Obama the ‘moral justification’ he needs to declare martial law. You can then expect to see more false flag events showing cops killing black men – even though the footage of these events never actually shows anyone being shot. These events, like almost everything you see in the main stream news in America, is a fabricated nonsense.

Take a look again at Hillary Clinton’s collapse from this week’s Ground Zero ceremony. Note how perfectly ill, unstable, and unfit for any public office she now appears. Add that to the way she is also perceived as totally unfit for office from a moral standpoint as well, due to her fast and loose handling of classified documents and state secrets.

Isn’t it obvious that she is being used as the perfect decoy? The ultimate distraction that will allow Obama to remain in office, just as he has planned to do, all along.

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