Remembering why Gangsta Rap and Thug Life were created

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Gangsta Rap and the Thug Life were created to fill the privately owned and run prisons that sprung up across the United States in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Not only this, but also for the purpose of promoting the rise of a dark underbelly of violent offenders that could be used as a tool for social engineering in the future. One use of such a tool is to appear as a threat to law and order in order to justify increasingly more draconian laws and restrictions to be placed on the general population by the legislature.

In the following video, Mark Dice takes a look at reports of a secret meeting held between Illuminati operatives, private prison owners, and media industry big wigs, where the notion of a ‘Thug Life’ subculture was agreed upon to be popularized in music.

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