How to melt silver and gold at home

How to Smelt Your Own Silver, Copper and Gold Bullion at Home

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So you’re thinking about the future and want to stack away various goodies for a rainy day but don’t know how to get started. From this article you will learn how to take scrap metal and turn it into valuable bullion, be that silver, gold, or copper.

Safety first – the methods shown are demonstrated by experienced people, so please use the correct safety equipment, clothing and ventilation, when you do anything like this at home.

But why would I want to store metal anyway?

Well, the truth is, that you can never know what’s around the corner, especially in today’s turbulent times. Imagine what could happen if all the banks in your city or town were closed down for a year: there wouldn’t be enough money to make everything work. People would need to find other ways to buy the important things like food and gas. Precious metals like gold and silver would be in high demand, so having even a modest stash of your own would put you at an advantage over many others, and could even save you from serious problems if things got really bad.

It might not be World War Three but if you prepare for that then you’re ready for anything…

Check out this video:

The white granular substance used in the smelting process is Borax, product link below… (Click the picture to shop for Borax)

And here’s a selection of smelting kits suitable for home use…

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