Welcome to Megadumpload – Where it all goes down!

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Welcome to Megadumpload – Where it all goes down! On this website you will find all types of good stuff to help you make the most of whatever the future may bring. Ultimate survival depends on the ultimate level of preparedness, so stock up now, read the right books, and start collecting silver bullion in readiness for any “economic anomaly”.

In other words, get ready for the s##t to hit the fan!

In order to not only survive the upcoming changes but to flourish after the dust settles, you will need a plan that provides an alternative option for every aspect of your modern day life. To be safe and secure you will always need shelter, clothing, food, a clean water supply, and a way to communicate with the outside world. Think about the things that would be most urgent to you in the case of a natural disaster. How would you be affected if your phone, electricity, and water lines were cut off for a week? How about for a month, or even six months?

Take heed though: now is not the time to panic – panic is for the sheeple. You will be better prepared for big changes by taking small steps today.

You will begin to collect silver bullion, medical supplies, and camping equipment.

Why silver and not gold? Gold seems like the best choice when it comes to metal investments, but it is too valuable to use for small transactions. Silver, being still valuable but less-so than gold, lends itself to being used as currency. Carrying a bag of silver coins allows you to make numerous transactions of various sizes, and doesn’t make you quite the same target that a bag of gold coins may do. If you can afford to stack away some of each then by all means, be my guest.

In the changing world will you be the hunter, or the hunted?

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