BTC Faucets for FaucetHub

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Faucet NameCoinClaim AmountTimer (minutes)CaptchaClaim Link
EZ SatoshiBTC1-10No timerShortlinkFautsy BTC
Fautsy BTC FaucetBTC85SolveMedia/hCaptchaFautsy BTC
Starbits BTCBTC55hCaptchaClaim Starbits BTC Faucet
CoinFaucet BTCBTC80QuizCoinFaucet BTC
Konstantinova BTCBTC45hCaptchaClaim AltCoinMiner BTC Faucet
Claim Free CoinsBTC75Solve Media/ReCaptchaClaim Free Coins BTC Faucet
i-Bits BTCBTC55hCaptchaClaim i-Bits BTC Faucet
Go-BitsBTC56hCaptchaClaim Go-Bits BTC Faucet
Claim BitsBTC56hCaptchaClaim Bits BTC Faucet
One BitcoBTC6-145hCaptchaClaim One Bitco BTC Faucet
FaucetMama BTCBTC5-125Solve MediaClaim FaucetMama BTC Faucet
XFaucet BTCBTC55reCaptchaXFaucet BTC
O-BitMan BTCBTC1-300060O-Bitman BTC
Larvel FaucetBTC1-100Shortlinks/PTCLarvel Faucet
Satoshi LabsBTC5-155Offerwall/GameSatoshi Labs
Random SatoshiBTC1-200Auto/Multi/ShortlinksRandom Satoshi
AltHubBTC1-105AltCoin Faucets/MiningAltHub
Get Your BitcoinBTC45PicturesClaim Get Your Bitcoin BTC Faucet
World of BitcoinBTC45PicturesClaim World of Bitcoin BTC Faucet
XBIT CoinBTC510Solve MediaClaim ChronoXCoin BTC Faucet
Big BTCBTC75RainCaptchaClaim BIG BTC Faucet
FreeBitcoinBTC2460reCaptchaClaim BIG BTC Faucet