Coinpot Tutorial

Getting started with Coinpot

Coinpot is an online crypto currency wallet that receives micro payments from a number of high paying faucets, often referred to as the Moonbits. Faucets are small websites that reward visitors with a tiny amount of crypto currency in exchange for viewing ads and soliving captcha puzzles. It is recommended to create a separate email address for faucets as spam emails can occur, and also make sure you have antivirus software on your computer. Once you have those things done, it is time to create your CoinPot account, here. Once you have completed the signup, check your email inbox and click the verification link to confirm and log in to your CoinPot account.

The Coinpot Dashboard

The dashboard has several sections, and designated areas for a number of crypto currencies. Take a look around. You can see most of the important stuff from the main page, so make sure you bookmark it in your browser. Once you are familiar with the layout of the site it is time to set up your faucets and link them to your Coinpot dashboard using the same email address you used to create your account. It is fairly easy so proceed to the next step.

The Coinpot faucets

The CoinPot network has seven faucets attached to it, each with varying payout levels and timers. Three of the faucets pay Bitcoin, while there is one faucet each for Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. The steps here explain how to set up a link for the primary Bitcoin faucet, and the rest follow the same procedure.

CoinPot faucets link to the main website via the email address that was used to create the CoinPot account. It should now become apparent why a separate email address was advised at the beginning of this article.

Go ahead and visit the first CointPot faucet in a fresh browser tab. The faucet is called MoonBit, and can be opened by clicking here.

The Moonbit faucet

Moon Bitcoin
Click the banner to sign up to Moon Bitcoin and earn Bitcoin BTC to your CoinPot account.

The MoonBit faucet is a busy little page with lots of ad banners. The ads pay for your claims, just don’t pay too much attention to them – make your claims and move on. If an ad looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Link the MoonBit faucet to your Coinpot account by entering the same email address into the box provided. Once it is linked you should bookmark the page. You can then make your first claim. You will need to complete a captcha in order to complete the claim. If the captcha doesn’t work the first time, make sure you are logged out of your gmail account in your browser and try again. There are two types of captcha you can use so just use whatever works best for you. Once your claim is done, a timer will show you how long you must wait before making another claim – it should be around five minutes. The amount of coins you can claim will keep increasing the longer you leave it, so you can claim often or just a couple of times each day depending on your own circumstances. Revisit your Coinpot Dashboard in a separate tab and you will see the coins you claimed will now be in your Coinpot account. You made money!! Nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Moving on to Moonlite

Moon Litecoin
Click the banner to sign up to Moon Litecoin, and earn Litecoin LTC to your CoinPot account.

Next up is the MoonLite faucet. <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Click here</a> to open it in a new browser tab. MoonLite works in the same way as the MoonBit faucet but pays out in small pieces of Litecoin. The same email address must be used to initially link the faucet to CoinPot, then the claiming can begin. Click click.. complete the captcha and claim the coins. Bookmark, exit and repeat. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to re-enter the email on each visit to the faucets, and is normally only required when cookies have been cleared from within the browser settings.

Complete the Moon cycle

Now go ahead and sign up to the rest of the CoinPot faucets, linking them using the same email address you used in your CoinPot account. Once you have signed up to each faucet, make a claim then check your CoinPot Dashboard to verify that the coins have been credited properly.

Moon Bitcoin Cash
Click the banner to sign up to Moon Bitcoin Cash, and earn Bitcoin Cash BCH to your CoinPot account.
Click the banner to sign up to Moon DASH, and earn DASH to your CoinPot account.
Moon Dogecoin
Click the banner to sign up to Moon Dogecoin, and earn DOGE to your CoinPot account.
Bit Fun
Click the banner to sign up to BitFun, and earn Bitcoin BTC to your CoinPot account.
Bonus Bitcoin
Click the banner to sign up to Bonus Bitcoin, and earn Bitcoin BTC to your CoinPot account.

Make sure you bookmark each faucet and visit them several times per day to make your claims. The more claims you make, the more coins you will earn.

Checking your coin balance

You can check your Coinpot Dashboard at any time, and see all the coins you have claimed. It is nice to see your balance grow and look forward to making a withdrawal to your desktop wallet or exchange accounts.

Getting paid – how to withdraw your coins from Coinpot

Withdrawals can be made from CoinPot to your desktop wallet or exchange account once the withdrawal threshold has been reached. All withdrawals must be validated by clicking the link in a verification email, and are then processed normally within 48 hours.

Convert/exchange coins for profit and faster withdrawals

You can convert your coins from one currency to another in the dashboard to help you reach the withdrawal level faster, or to profit from the fluctuating market prices. For example, converting all your coins to DOGE should allow you to reach the withdrawal threshold in around 2-3 days, whereas it might take a lot longer to reach the threshold to withdraw bitcoin.

Coinpot bonuses – your key to success

Some of the faucets offer bonuses that can greatly increase your earnings. For example, the Moon faucets offers bonuses with the following titles: ‘Daily’, ‘Referral’, ‘Offer’, ‘Mystery’, and ‘Mining’. The daily bonus increases by 1% each day up to 100%, but resets to 1% if you miss a day, so make sure you do at least one claim each day to keep it growing.

Coinpot “Offers” – it’s a baby paywall that pays ๐Ÿ™‚

Offers can be things like completing surveys, downloading mobile apps, etc. The payouts from offers are good but can take a few days or even a week or more to get credited to your CoinPot account. In addition to a successfully completed Offer, a 5% offer bonus is added to the claims from the faucet for a few days. Just remember that some of the offers might ask for your cellphone number or require you to install apps. Use at your own discretion.

Mystery bonus – it’s like a “first date” every day ๐Ÿ˜›

The Mystery bonus is a random percentage between 1% and 100%, and can give a tasty addition to any claim, while the mining bonus is directly related to any mining that you may choose to do within the CoinPot Dashboard.

Get referrals to earn more – it is not difficult.

Each faucet in the CoinPot network has a referral program, and these can boost your earnings significantly. Referral links and banners for each faucet are available directly from the faucet itself, and you can send them to your friends on social networks or post the banners on forums and other websites. You earn good commission for referrals so get busy and your balance will grow quickly.

Coinpot tokens and lottery

Coinpot tokens are extra coins that you earn each time you make a claim from any of the Coinpot faucets, and also when a person you referred makes a claim! These tokens can also be mined, so you can always get more if you need them. Your token balance appears in the dashboard along with your normal crypto coins. Coinpot tokens can be converted to other coins or used to buy tickets in the lottery. There are plans to introduce more ways to spend your tokens in the future, so please watch this space!!

Coinpot browser mining

Coinpot allows browser mining in addition to collecting coins from the faucets but this is only recommended for people experienced with cpu mining. Please learn about mining on your pc before using this feature.

What to do with your coins

Your earnings from Coinpot will continue to grow, and can used for other investments such as crypto trading on a big exchange, or just HODL (hold on for dear life). They key is to remember to claim at least once every day so your bonuses keep increasing, and get as many referrals as you can. Faucets are a great way to start collecting crypto currency and the Coinpot-Moonbits are some of the best, so get clicking!