Eobot Guide

Eobot micro wallet and cloud mining
Eobot is an online micro wallet for crypto coins that includes a coin exchange, cloud mining service, and a daily faucet. It is a great place for people to learn the basics and store a small amount of coins for trading and easy access

With the rising acceptance and popularity of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies there is a growing need for online coin wallets and cloud mining services such as Eobot. However, good information can be scarce, and people often miss out on the benefits of using Eobot's features due to a lack of information. This guide is designed to educate the reader about a number of the features of the Eobot micro wallet and cloud mining service, give instructions on how to use a number of its main features, and suggest various ways it can be used to incease one's coin holdings. By using the information and methods described in this guide the reader will be well prepared tpo create a new Eobot account and have the confidence to start earning and trading coins in a very low-risk environment.

What is Eobot?

Eobot is basically a website that allows people to mine, collect, store and exchange crypto currencies without the need to download any special software or wallets onto their own computer. Eobot combines the functions os a micro wallet, a cloud mining service, a daily coin faucet and a crypto currency exchange in a neatly presented online package that is easy to use, reasonably secure, and is free. Click on the image for a larger view.

Eobot main page

Who should use Eobot?

Eobot can be used by almost anyone interested in learning about crypto currencies. Simple enough for beginners and first-time crypto users, yet with enough features to assist even the busiest and most advanced crypto traders and investors, Eobot is a one-stop shop when it comes to mining and trading crypto coins on a modest scale.

Why choose Eobot?

One of the main reasons to choose Eobot is simply, why not? Eobot is free, does not require much time to set up and operate, has a good level of security, and does not request an inordinate amount of personal information from users. It offers some great features and outstanding benefits to users including the all-important convenience factor of an online wallet. Established in 2013, Eobot has also stood the test of time in an ever changing landscape when many crypto-currency related websites have come and gone.

How to create an Eobot account

Creating an Eobot account is fairly simple. Just click here to open the new account page, fill in the account creation form with your details and email address, and activate your account using the verification email. It is highly recommended to enable the two-factor-authentication feature as well, for better security of your account. You can create a social profile if you want to, and add a photo and links to your other social media accounts, although this is entirely optional.

Using Eobot for the first time

Once you have created and verified your Eobot account, it is time to log in and start looking around. There are many features on the website but it has a clean layout and features are easy to locate. The image below shows what the main page looks like, although for new accounts the coin balances will be zero. Click on the image for a larger view.

Eobot main page links

Along the top navigation bar of the Eobot main page are links to the main features of the site and your account settings. Take time to look through the dropdown menus and familiarize yourself with the layout. Some of the links ared uplicated in the blue bar that separates the top and bottom sections of the page. Please note that when you enter some sections of the website, the coin wallets are still visible in the top section, so you may need to scroll down to find the feature you are looking for.

Eobot coin wallets

How to allocate mining hash power in Eobot

One of the first things any new user should do on Eobot is to switch the mining allocation to the mining hash power option "GHS 4.0" then proceed to the faucet and make an initial claim. The faucet can be found under the "Products" dropdown menu from the main navigation bar at the top of the page. Complete the captcha and finalise the claim. You will be rewarded with a tiny amount of GHS 4.0 contract, which will remain in effect for five years. You can make more claims from the faucet every 24 hours, so make it part of your daily routine and your mining hash power will start building up. You may as well leave the mining allocation set on the GHS 4.0 setting as it will compound and build up your mining power faster. It is pointless at this stage trying to mine any of the crypto coins directly because it would take months or even years to mine even a few tiny coins. I know... I tried.. :)

Eobot mining power allocation

How to use the Eobot crypto exchange

Check out the exchange section next. Click the link in the central blue bar and scroll down once the new page has loaded. Notice again how the top section of the website remains visible when the new page is loaded but the exchange is ready to use just underneath it. Quirky, yes, but also cool. In the exchange section you select the coin that you want to trade and the coin you want to receive. The page normally refreshes when you select each coin. Enter the amount of the coins you want to trade and hit the calculate button. The system will show you how many of the new coins you will receive in exchange for your traded coins, and the amount of the fee that you will pay for the transaction. The fees are pretty reasonable, no drama. Hit the buy button to seal the deal and the exchange will be done immediately

Eobot coin exchange

How to deposit coins in Eobot

You may like to deposit crypto coins from other places into your Eobot account. A good idea - Eobot is a convenient way to store modest amounts of coins online. Hit the Deposit link in the blue bar and scroll down once the new page has loaded. You need to generate a deposit address for each type of coin that you wish to deposit. Please note that it may not be possible to generate deposit addresses for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. That's sad but such is life. It is recommended to save your deposit addresses in a simple text file on your computer so you can easily send coins from other wallets and websites. Eobot should not be mined to directly from an asic miner of mining software - use a mining pool then send reasonable amounts to Eobot. Most deposits should show up in your Eobot account within 24 hours - send a support ticket or talk to someone in the online chat if there is a longer delay. The support is pretty decent.

Eobot main page

How to deposit cash in Eobot

It is also possible to deposit cash money (fiat currency) using Epay, with a minimum deposit amount of $10US. Funds deposited in this way can be used to buy mining hash power aka cloud mining, or can be exchanged directly for crypto currency. Hit the Epay link in the bluer bar to access this feature. Epay supports Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, FasaPay, Tether, Wire Transfer, Western Union and Ria Money Transfer. Simple and effective. Nice.

How to make a withdrawal from Eobot

Withdrawals from Eobot are also pretty easy, just head to the withdrawal section, select the coin you with to withdraw, insert the wallet address you want to send the coins to, enter the amount to send, check the fees, and click to confirm. All easy stuff.

How to use the Eobot referral system

It is now time to check out Eobot's referral system. Eobot rewards you with a 1% commission when people use the software and cloud mining services. Access the referral page from the User dropdown menu in the main navigation menu or hit the link in the blue bar in the middle of the page. The referrals page gives you your referral link in three formats: social profiel, email link, and a regular user id referral link. Use whichever one is appropriate for your own referral method. You can send your link to friends or relatives, or anyone you know who is interested in crypto currency and wanting an easy place to start, but make sure you talk to them first before you send the link. You will get a much better response rate that way. Referral payments are made to your account every few days once you have over 1 cent of referral commission accrued, and you get paid in whatever currency you have your mining allocation set on at the time of payment. If you have your hash set on GHS 4.0, you will receive extra hash power. Every bit counts!!

How to use Eobot Cloud Mining

The cloud mining in Eobot is a quaint feature. Not all that profitable but a nice foot in the door to a larger world, and is the first type of mining that a lot of crypto users try before moving to bigger and better things. While it is possible to gradually build up your mining hash power just from the daily faucet, you will achieve faster growth if you deposit a few coins and exchange them for GHS 4.0/Scrypt or Folding hash. It ius recommended to do some research into each type of mining if you feel like branching out, but GHS 4.0 is fairly standard here.

How to make Eobot work for you

So we have covered a number of the main features of Eobot, and discussed the benefits of using it as an online coin wallet and basic exchange, but there is more to it than what we have mentioned in this article. In fact, what we have introduced here is the crypto collector's basic toolkit: coin wallets, a faucet, an exchange, a referral platform. All useful tools that anyone with intiative can use to start building real wealth with. For instance, a budding entrepreneur might have great success talking to friends and generating a lot of referrals. Another person might be a great student of the crypto coin market, and make nice profits from trading various back and forth in the exchange as prices fluctuate. Still others might take advantage of Eobot's mining pools and start mining using old computers and cheap electricity to gradually build a tidy stash of coins. And of course, almost everyone can benefit from having a convenient online micro wallet where they can hold a small amount of various coins which can be accessed from almost any internet connected pc. The tools are there - it is up to each person to work out their own strategy and put them to use.

An example of using Eobot to generate wealth

Now that you are familiar with the main functions of the Eobot website, it is time to look at a simple method of using the site to generate wealth. For this example we are going to focus on the Dogecoin crypto currency, aka DOGE. This basic method involves depositing a number of DOGE, then exchanging them for USD when the market price for DOGE increases, then buying them back again when the price drops. This is crypto trading 101, is very basic, and works. With DOGE being a very cheap coin, price fluctuations of over ten percent are fairly commonplace, so someone with a keen eye for the market can often make several profitable trades each week or month, and may gradually grow their initial investment significantly. Over the course of a few months it may be possible to double or triple one's initial coin holding using this method. Of course, there is always an element of risk involved with crypto trading, as with most types of currency trading, so the reader is advised never to invest more than they can afford to lose. By starting out small with a little coin such as DOGE, a person can learn the basics of trading without taking on a significant risk, and can have a lot of fun at the same time before moving on to bigger and better investments. Again, Eobot gets your foot in the door. *pro tip: buy low - sell high*

As more and more people become involved with bitcoin and other crypto currencies, websites that offer a range of cloud mining and crypto currency trading tools become increasingly more important. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to tell the good sites apart from the bad. A lot of new flashy websites promise amazing interest rates and features, but turn out to be nothing more than scams and ripoff sites. Eobot is different. Over the years it has shown itself to be a reliable and fairly stable micro wallet website with a decent enough crypto exchange and mining functions, along with the faucet and referral program. In this article we have introduced a number of the main features of Eobot and shown how they can benefit not only new crypto users but experienced traders and collectors alike. Readers are encouraged to do more research before investing in any financial services, but if you are looking for a convenient way to store and trade a modest amount of crypto currencies online on a stable and fairly low risk platform then Eobot should definitely be in your crypto toolkit.

Old Problems

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New Solutions

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