FaucetHub Tutorial

FaucetHub is the world’s premier micro payments and earning platform, incorporating thousands of crypto currency faucets and supporting over a dozen of the world’s most popular crypto currencies. With a vibrant community consisting of tens of thousands of active users, FaucetHub is not only the starting point for many online earners of crypto currency but also a springboard for many to become professional crypto investors and holders in their own right.

FaucetHub is the brainchild of a crypto currency web developer and enthusiast known simply as Mexicantarget, who is also known for his work on various other websites and also own the highly popular PTC Wall.

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FaucetHub allows it members to earn small amounts of crypto currency by completing very simple tasks such as viewing advertisements, playing games, completing surveys, and validating “captchas”. A range of crypto currencies are supported and there is no limit to the amount a person can earn using the FaucetHub system.

What are Faucets?

As a brief introduction, “faucets” are tiny websites full of sponsored advertising that pay visitors a small amount of crypto coins in return for validating each visit with a completed captcha. Faucets are linked to the visitor’s account in FaucetHub through the use of wallet addresses, and the coins can eventually be withdrawn to the user’s own desktop or mobile wallet once a withdrawal threshold has been reached.
The amount of coins earned per visit is very small, and is normally figured in terms of ‘satoshi’ – the tiniest calculable part of a bitcoin, although a diverse range of altcoins is also supported.

Earning coins from Faucets

Crypto faucets also known as coin faucets, pay a small amount for each visit, sent directly to your faucetHub account in most cases, although some require a manual withdrawal. By claiming from crypto faucets you can build up a few coins which you can later send to a crypto exchange and start trading cryptos for profit.

How to set up a FaucetHub Account

Account setup in FaucetHub is fairly straight forward, and security is enhanced with Two-Factor Authentication. Please not that only one account per user is permitted.

Click here to create a FaucetHub account.

Upon creation of a new account and logging-in for the first time, it is recommended to familiarise yourself with the site and read the Terms linked at the bottom of the front page. You will notice a chat box at the left hand side of the screen, various menu items along the page, and a ‘User Dashboard’ pretty much in the centre of the page. This is the main area where coin balances are displayed.
After a basic recon of the site has been done, you should start linking coin addresses from your own desktop wallets. This is done by opening a desktop wallet such as Exodus, Jaxx or an account on an online wallet or exchange such as Bittrex or Coinbase; generating an address for each coin, then copying and pasting it into the “Wallet Addresses” section in the FaucetHub website. FaucetHub refers to this process as “linking” your addresses.

FaucetHub supports a number of major coins plus a few lesser known alts. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are accompanied by Peercoin, Blackcoin, Monero, Peercoin, Primecoin, ZCash and BitCore, and you should set up a wallet for every coin on your own pc or mobile device.

It is important to use secure desktop or mobile wallets on your own devices, as you will need to withdraw your coins from the FaucetHub system from time to time.

Make sure you also paste your addresses into a text file on your desktop to make it easier to do your claims. Note that claimed coins do not go directly into your desktop wallet but are held in your FaucetHub account until the withdrawal threshold for each coin is reached.

How to use FaucetHub Faucets

Each faucet claim is usually rewarded with just a few ‘sats’ (satoshi) of bitcoin or alt coin as designated by the type of faucet. Faucets will generally reject any claim for which an invalid wallet address has been entered. For instance, and Ethereum faucet will not make a valid payout to a DASH wallet address, and vice versa. You need to paste your linked address corresponding to the crypto currency offered by the particular faucet – for Bitcoin BTC faucets, paste the BTC address you linked into your FaucetHub account.

To make a claim, open any FaucetHub faucet (many are listed on this website) related to a crypto currency you would like to claim. Some faucets have various popup ads that appear as soon as you click onto the page – these type of faucets can be a real pain, and I recommend to avoid them; there are always better faucets out there. Most faucets will have some for of anti-bot test where you need to match up some words or figures, and almost all faucets contain at least one type of captcha, which demand that you prove you are not a robot before they will award you with any coins. Most faucets also include a shortlink, which sends you off to another page where you will be shown some more ads and asked to complete another captcha before being paid. This process can be quite a grind but that is how we earn in this industry.

Important note: BitCore (BTX) is NOT THE SAME as Bitcoin (BTC)!

Following a successful faucet claim, the coins will in most cases be immediately credited to the user’s corresponding balance for the appropriate crypto coin in their Dashboard. Progress has been made. Keep in mind that some faucets do not make immediate payment but rather, hold the coins until their own withdrawal threshold has been met. These type of faucets are less popular than those that make immediate payment, although the payout rates are often a bit higher than those from standard faucets.

The FaucetHub Coin Exchange

Once you have earned some coins, you may decide to exchange them for another crypto currency using the FaucetHub exchange. The exchange allows to to place buy or sell orders that will remain in place until filled or cancelled by you. Note that if you cancel an order you will not be refunded any fees you paid when you placed your order, so act wisely.
By collecting alt coins and using the exchange feature, you might reach the withdrawal threshold for Bitcoin much faster than just by claiming from BTC faucets, although there are still various other ways to earn bitcoins on the site.

FaucetHub Paywalls, Offers and Surveys

In the top menu of the FaucetHub main page is a “Sites” link to a list of faucet categories. Some faucets are designed as games, some as gambling apps, others as paid-to-click advertising sites. The ‘PTC & Offers’ section includes some high paying surveys sites, paid-to-read emails, paid-to-view videos and the like. Most of the faucets and websites listed in this category only pay in bitcoin, and the actual payouts can be very handsome indeed, although many of the surveys and other offers can be much more time consuming than regular faucet claims. Definitely worth a look if you are interested in maximising your BTC earnings.
It is important, however, to use a separate email address when signing up to any of the offers or ‘survey websites’, as they tend to send a lot of spam emails, and nobody wants their mail email account to be filled up with junk. Additionally, there are a number of offers that reward a person for installing an app on their smartphone or tablet. Again, proceed with caution. Installing the apps is normally fairly safe but check the terms and conditions of the offers. If you agree to receive text messages and give the company involved your cellphone number, there can be charges made to your phone bill, and many people have been caught out by that type of thing in the past. Do your research and look for reviews online before accepting these type of offers.

Gambling Games on FaucetHub

Some of the ‘games’ on FaucetHub are actually gambling games, and can put a user’s own coin balance at risk. For instance, the Rambo Dice game is a tricky game of virtual dice rolling, with the objective being to roll certain numbers. The ‘player’ bets a certain amound of crypto currency, chooses “Hi” or “Lo”, selects a multiplier number, and clicks the “Roll” button. Payouts occur when a correct number is rolled, however, a player loses their betted coins when an incorrect number is rolled, so it is a game with some risk attached. Please avoid the temptation to chase lost coins in this type of game, because as with most forms of gambling, the odds invariably favour the house.

FaucetHub Chat Rules and Guidelines

An exciting benefit of membership in the FaucetHub platform is the ability to interact with the community of users via the forums and especially the live chat room built into the left sidebar of the main page. The chat is moderated and has a strict set of rules that apply while participating. Please read the rules before using the chat room to avoid getting banned.

Chat Room Rules

  • No swearing or abuse of other people and no bad mouthing of the website, its moderators, owners or administrators;
  • No spam – no referral links or promoting faucets in chat (use the AD button to advertise faucets);
  • English is the only language permitted in the main chat room. There are chat rooms for other languages, just click the flags;
  • No rain leeching. No one-word comments or messages solely to qualify for the rain;
  • Tag the person you are addressing to minimise confusion;
  • Never tag or speak to the rainmaster or tipmaster bots – that is considered to be spam and can get you banned;
  • No promotion of cloud mining sites or any type of HYIP or scammy investment programs, even in ads;
  • No shortlinks allowed either in chat or in ads;
  • No begging or asking for free coins or rain – you will just get banned.

Keep in mind that a ban from the chat room does not stop a member from making claims or using the rest of the site.

Tips and Rain in FaucetHub

The chat room features two reward systems known as tips and rain. Tips are individual rewards sent from one user to another, often as a gratuity for help and sometimes just out of kindness. Asking for tips is not permitted however, and users are often banned from the chat room without warning for begging in that way. It is possible to send a tip to someone who is offline, not only people who are active in the chat room.
The correct format for sending a tip is “/tip username amount coin-name
e.g. “/tip megadump 1000 btc” – will send 1000 sats of BTC from the tipper’s account to megadump’s account.
‘Rain’ is another way that users can share coins with others in the chat room.
Rain can be shared directly by using the format “/rain amount number-of-users coin-name”
e.g. “/rain 500000 50 xpm” – will send 10000 sats of Primecoin to 50 other people in the room.
The FaucetHub system also “rains” coins on 50 random chat users at various times throughout the day. Users can contribute to the next rain event by sending a tip in the prescribed manner to the username “rainmaster”.
Please be aware that asking for rain and tips is not permitted and can result in a ban from the chat room.

Your umbrella icon below the chat box must be green to have a chance at getting any rain. To turn it green you must chat at least once and make at least one faucet claim. The umbrella will remain green for 15 minutes following your last claim/chat message.

User Levels in FaucetHub

FaucetHub operates a system of “user levels”, which gain users a few benefits as they level up. In particular, higher levels give a user new name colours, a mining bonus, and higher bet limits in the games. Higher levels are achieved by earning experience – “EXP” from many activities on the site, such as: claiming from faucets; completing paywall offers; betting in the games; and mining. Note – chatting does not earn EXP or increase your level.

FaucetHub Mining

FaucetHub Mining is a browser mining system based on the CoinHive cpu mining script. It uses your pc’s cpu power to mine for Monero which is instantly transferred to bitcoin. Coins earned from the mining in FaucetHub are accumulated until they exceed 100 sats, at which point they will be credited to your BTC balance (usually within an hour). It is all done automatically so you don’t need to worry about trying to claim your mining balance. It will work itself out.
Mining also earns EXP, and can be a useful way to “level up”. However, with any form of crypto currency mining, it can result in higher power bills and a build up of heat inside your computer. Please proceed with caution. I recommend the use of “Open Hardware Monitor” to keep track of the CPU temperature inside your computer. If your CPU temperature gets too high it can destroy your computer. I recommend only use a very low thread number to begin with, and monitor the temperature closely. If it goes above 70 degrees celsius you might want to reduce the number of threads. Do your own research as neither I nor faucetHub can be held responsible if you blow your computer up by mining. If you are in any doubt – don’t do it.

The mining script may be detected by your computer as a virus, but it is not. Add these exclusions to your antivirus… https://faucethub.io/* and http://coinhive.com/*

Auto Faucets and Floodgates

It is also worth noting at this point that there is a special type of faucet known as “floodgates” or “auto faucets” that can be set to run automatically on your pc in order to allow you to level up faster. Most auto faucets have a very low payout level – they are intended to help people level up faster, not get rich quickly. Keep in mind that some auto faucets run a background miner using the user’s cpu – these particular type of faucets can cause a person’s CPU to heat up and may cause damage to a computer when used for a long time. It is generally a better idea to only use auto faucets to DO NOT include a background miner, or that allow you to disable the function. Users are advised never to use faucets that use any type of “hidden” mining script. If you visit a faucet and immediately hear your CPU fan speeding up, it often indicates a miner script is in operation. Use the “Open Hardware Monitor” or another program to check the faucet. Some faucet owners use unscrupulous methods to trick people into mining coins for them. Please be aware and keep your system safe.

Premium Account

FaucetHub offers a ‘Premium’ account option, which costs a good amount of coins but gives a few benefits to users. It is a most handy feature for faucet owners but is not necessarily a great investment for standard users due to the relatively high cost.

Faucet Lists and Related Blogs

Many FaucetHub users run their own blogs and websites which feature personally curated “faucet lists”. These lists can be a valuable aid to faucet users because they are generally kept up to date with fresh faucets, and often include faucets that might not be readily visible on the FaucetHub site itself. It can be a good idea to keep an eye on the chat room for some of these lists as there are some real gems from time to time.


Withdrawals from FaucetHub are processed on a schedule, and are generally subject to very low fees. A withdrawal can only be processed to a wallet address that has already been “linked” to a FaucetHub account for at least three days, in order to mitigate the threat of hackers accessing and cleaning out a user’s account. The withdrawal process for Faucet Owners is slightly different and subject to some different restrictions. Withdrawal fees for each type of coin are displayed on the website, and are generally lower for higher amounts.


The crypto currency revolution provides an exciting opportunity for people to earn bitcoins and other crypto coins by completing small tasks online and participating in games, surveys and online chat discussion at various faucet networks. FaucetHub is the largest such “faucet network” that also serves as a micro wallet, with basic coin exchange and coin mining facilities built in. This tutorial has introduced a number of the concepts related to coin faucets, discussed several aspects of the FaucetHub website, and given some basic guidelines about how to set up a FaucetHub account and participate in a number of activities on the site. Have fun and earn coins.

Happy clicking!!