KFC Secret Recipe Revealed

KFC Secret Recipe Revealed – 11 Herbs and Spices Are Now Out

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Hey everyone. Remember the old mystery of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s secret herbs and spices? Well, what if we told you that the Colonel’s secret recipe has been leaked? Yes, you heard right. The original, one and only secret recipe for KFC chicken has been revealed, and we bring it here to you exclusively on Megadumpload.com

So let’s get straight into the ‘secret ingredients’ list then a demo video that shows how to prepare your own KFC using this recipe.

Ingredients list…

Mix the following with 2 cups of white flour:

1. 2/3 TS Salt
2. 1/2 TBS Thyme
3. 1/2 TBS Basil
4. 1/3 TS Oregano
5. 1 TS Celery Salt
6. 1 TS Black Pepper
7. 1 TS Dried Mustard
8. 4 TS Paprika
9. 2 TS Garlic Salt
10. 1 TS Ground Ginger
11. 3 TS White Pepper

Now here’s a youtube video showing how to use the ingredients to make your very own Kentucky Fried Chicken at home. Thanks for sharing…

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