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Bitcoin is digital gold for the future without banks. In us we trust.

Megadumpload is an information portal that teaches you the ins and outs of the crypto currency world to help you successfully build a diversified portfolio. From faucets and bitcoin games to crypto exchanges and live coin trading, you will find everything you need to build your own Bitcoin empire!

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Cointiply offer six great ways to earn coins. Watch videos, play games, use the faucet, play the awesome mining game or mine coins directly in your browser and use the offerwall - the options are endless! Withdraw coins to your FaucetHub account or directly to your Bitcoin and Dogecoin wallets! This is high paying coin fun at its best! Start today!!


Listen to your favourite radio stations and earn coins!

BitRadio is a radio streaming service that pays you coins for listening to your favourite radio stations! Over 30,000 radio stations currently online and live streaming. Earn BRO coins which can be traded for bitcoin or staked in the official BitRad.io wallet on your own pc. This is the future of radio so get started now!!

POW Tokens

Sign up to receive free crypto currency!

POW Tokens are an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum platform. Sign up for POW Tokens today and receive free coins! Each new user may sign up using their Facebook AND Twitter accounts and receive a double amount! A great way to receive your first crypto currency or add these to your existing portfolio!


Eobot Cloud Mining and Micro Wallet

Eobot is a well established micro wallet and cloud mining service that has been online since 2013. It includes a daily faucet, an easy to use coin exchange, and some additional features that make it a popular website for thousands of crypto users every day. If you are new to cloud mining this is a great place to start! You can even use the daily faucet to claim free mining hash power! A must have for all crypto users!

Independent Reserve

Cash out your crypto currencies with Independent Reserve

Have you ever wondered how to cash out your crypto currencies into real money? Independent Reserve is just what you've been looking for. Independet Reserve is designed to allow crypto users to cash out their BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC crypto currency. Users can also trade cryptos for fiat currency directly on the site in order to take use of changing coin proces. The website is secure with 2FA technology. To use the service just sign up and verify your account the same way you would on a regular crypto exchange, link your own bank account and start depositing your cryptos. Payment to your bank account is secure and fast, sometimes taking little more than an hour to get fiat currency deposited into your bank account. A must have for any crypto user who needs to cash out their coins into fiat currency fast! Sign up today!


Play free casino games and earn coins for your FaucetHub account with FaucetGame

FaucetGame is a website packed full of chance and free casino games that allow you to earn coins for your FaucetHub account while playing fun games. Play Slot machines, Blackjack, Roulette, Lottery, Wheel of Wealth, Roll of Chance and Falling Fortune and earn coins! NO deposit is required - just play games, have fun and get paid! Link your account directly to your FaucetHub wallets and build your balance quickly! If you enjoy games of chance, luck and skill then FaucetGame is definitely for you!

Crypto Warfare

Battle other players in an online multiplayer game of virtual hacking in a simulated cyberspace

Crypto Warfare is a fun turn based game where you are a hacker building your career in cyber space. Hack servers and databases, learn new skills and upgrade your powers. Everything in the game is for fun but the payouts are real BTC to your FaucetHub account! Earn more coins as your game level increases. Discover random items and instant BTC for extra bonuses! This is bitcoin gaming at its best. Enjoy!

Old Problems

Out with the old

Centralized banking put control of the world's money in the hands of a few incredibly rich and powerful families. By manipulating the financial markets and the media, those families have coerced politicians and gained influence over many governments around the world, and used that influence to further their own greedy interests. As a result of their unchecked lust for power they have ensnared much of the world's population in an ever expanding cycle of debt.

New Solutions

In with the new

Decentralized banking gives people control over their own money without the interference of banks and third party institutions. With Bitcoin and crypto currency, people are able to trade wherever they like and with whomever they choose. Blockchain technology delivers a level of convenience and pseudonymity that traditional banking never could. Trust is build right into the crypto code. Every transaction conducted using crypto currency helps to erode the powerbase of the central banking cartel and helps pave the way for a free and open society.