How to Start Cloud Mining Many Crypto Currencies Including Bitcoin for Free with Eobot

Are you interested in mining Bitcoin and other crypto coins but aren’t ready to spend your hard earned cash? Have you been thinking about getting into cloud mining but have no idea where to begin? Have you signed up to a bunch of so-called cloud mining websites in the past just to find out they were scams that didn’t even have any real mining equipment, and who ran off with your money? Brothers and Sisters, I feel your pain. I have been suckered in by some of those myself, and lost coins,  but there is some relief at hand. In this post I will introduce to you a cloud mining platform that actually does have it’s own real crypto miners running 24/7. Its name is Eobot. I am a big fan, and here’s why…

When I first learned about Eobot a few months ago I had already had my fingers burned by a number of scam cloud mining sites. The kind that had glossy looking web pages with speed dials and all types of shiny crap that made them look amazing. Complete scams. However, when I found Eobot, I was surprised to see it has a relatively basic looking main page. It has micro wallets for a wide range of coins, and a pretty clean look. I have highlighted a few of the important areas of the site in the next picture…

Eobot Page

Nevertheless, I had already lost money from fake cloud mining, so I was very skeptical. However, the site does have a coin faucet that lets you claim a tiny piece of coins once every 24 hours, and I do love faucets. Everyone loves faucets, right?

So I signed up for an account. It was very quick and easy to do. You just sign up with your email account and away you go.

Once I had my account opened I logged in and started making my daily faucet claims. I had it set on DOGE, because that is a coin that is not only dear to my heart but it is a real cheap coin, and I love cheap things, especially when I can’t afford the biggies such as bitcoin and ethereum.

I kept claiming for a few days until I had about 10 or so DOGE in my account, I was really digging it. I hadn’t put in a cent of my own money, and already had some coins in the wallet. Nice.

It was at that point that I realised I could actually exchange the DOGE coins for a little bit of hash power. Hash power is the stuff that actually does the mining. So I exchanged my DOGE for a little bit of hash power and now I was doing some real cloud mining for bitcoins or whatever coins I wanted to mine, and it still hadn’t cost me a cent. The link to the exchange is about halfway down the main page. I have highlighted it in the next picture…

Eobot Exchange

At this point I was starting to freak out a bit, in a good way. What if I kept claiming from the faucet each day and using those coins to buy more hash power? It sounded like a decent plan, so I kept it up for another week or so. Built up more DOGE from the faucet each day, and then exchanged them for hash power. This was crazy! Fun as heck, and crazy!

So things were all good. I had found a way to earn coins from the daily faucet, and how to exchange them for mining juice. I loved it. But then I discovered something even more amazing. Now please keep in mind that I am a bit of a slow learner and fall into old routines a lot, so I don’t always discover every possibility right off the bat.

Anyway, one day as I was doing my faucet thing and fiddling around with settings on the site, I realised I had missed a crucial feature that changed my whole strategy. When you look at your Eobot main page, at the top left hand side of the page, just about the micro wallets, there is a dropdown box where you select which type of coin you want to allocate your hash power onto. All good, I had already been using that to switch my hash power from DOGE to bitcoin and a few others, no drama.

What I hadn’t realised up until that point in time, was that you can actually set your hash power to mine for more hashpower! It is a very slow process and only adds fractions of extra hash power in a 24 hour period, but it is still free, and like many of the little freebies available in the crypto world, those free little bits do add up over time.

Even better, I found that when you have your hash power mining for more hash power, the FAUCET then pays out in little bits of hash power as well. This was getting real good!

Now, I’m a person who does not have a lot of money, and the money I do have, I tend to spend very frugally. I wasn’t prepared to dump any money into my Eobot account, but I did want to get as much of their hash power mining cheap coins for me, so I came up with another plan. You may know about Minergate, a piece of software that allows you to mine coins on your own pc then withdraw to your own wallet. I like it and use it quite a lot. The only problem with it was that my computer was too slow to mine any of the big coins. However, it could mine about 100 Bytecoins in a day. (Bytecoins, not Bitcoins – big difference). Bytecoins are worth around the same value as DOGE – pretty cheap. But you can withdraw Bytecoins from Minergate once you have 100 of them. (If you need a link to Minergate here is my referral link) The next picture shows the Minergate website above and the actual mining software running on my pc below. Note that I am mining Monero with it as I’m writing this post 🙂 Monero is the shizzzz LOL but takes weeks to mine even one coin on my pc, which is why I usually mine Bytecoins.


My new plan was to mine Bytecoins on my pc for a day, then withdraw them from Minergate and send them directly into my Eobot account. That way, I could exchange them into more hash power, cranking up my cloud mining speed a lot faster than ever before. I have kept this up on a regular basis and now I have considerably more hash power than I did before. The key to it is to make sure you claim from the faucet every day while having your hash power set to “GHS 4.0” – that is the hash power code on the Eobot site.

I have since put about $20 of real bitcoin in order to buy more hashpower, and it seems to have been a good investment. When you buy hash power on Eobot, it is a 5 year contract, and who knows what the coins you mine might be worth in 5 years time. Damn, even DOGE might hit 10cents a coin someday, right?

These days I have it set on “Diversify”, which means it will mine any selection of coins you nominate, one at a time for ten minutes each, then switch to another coin in your selection and mine that for ten minutes. I like to have mine alternating between DOGE and hash power, so it’s always building up more speed but is also growing my coins. The withdrawal threshold is low too. You only need 100 DOGE or Bytecoins to be able to withdraw them, but I generally just leave them in there and exchange for more hash power, although I could be withdrawing them at least a couple of times a week. I just want to let it keep building power and keep claiming from the faucet. I know of a few Youtubers who are taking regular withdrawals from Eobot without any problem. It is not a high paying site but has been around quite a while and always seems to be online.

So there you have it – Eobot in a nutshell. There are a lot more features that I haven’t covered in this post but I’m sure you will work them out a lot faster than I did, I can only share my experience. What I will say is that you don’t need to put any of your own money into it to get started – you can just claim from the faucet for a few weeks and start exchanging those free coins for hash power, then steadily grow it over time. Daily perseverance is the key to these freebies in the crypto world, and Eobot is a fine example. I love it and I’m pretty sure you will too.

Click here to visit Eobot and get your own cloud mining account that earns free daily coins. It won’t earn as much as Genesis Mining or some of the other professional mining sites, but it is very cheap or even free to get started and has a lot of potential if you are on a tight budget or no budget at all. Highly recommended by me, Crypto Cracker.


How to get free 5 year cloud mining contracts using Minergate and Eobot

Hi everyone, and welcome to today’s blog post, which is all about getting your own 5 year cloud mining contracts by combining Minergate with Eobot, which you can then use to mine a wide variety of crypto coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and of course, Dogecoin.

So if you have been watching the crypto space for a while, in particularly the cloud mining sector, you might have noticed that the number of cloud Bitcoin mining contracts on offer has been reducing, and their profitability has diminished across the board. This shift has probably encouraged some people to move away from the cloud mining scene and into other areas within the big, fat, Bitcoin world. Those fair weather miners are looking for better returns, more and faster payouts. In many cases they are likely a bunch of the same people who abandoned mining Bitcoin at home a few years ago when the profitability of doing so dropped.


This article is not for them. No, this article is for the person who has a computer but who has little or no cash to invest in Bitcoin, but who would still like to get involved with cloud mining for cryptos, even if that be on a small scale. If you are a kid or some kind of broke person who has access to a computer and the internet, and would like to get the power of cloud mining working for you, then this article is for you.

To be honest there is nothing new in this concept, and I’m sure there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of people using this very method already. Nevertheless, if you are new to the space then it may be a technique that you have not yet considered.

Have you tried mining coins with your own computer but found it takes too long or that you wish you had more than one computer to do it on? Seriously, this is something a lot of us face. We have our own computer and internet connection, but one computer can only achieve a certain amount of Bitcoin mining, even if it has a kick ass graphics card. A conscientious person can probably earn maybe a dollar or two per day running 24/7. In this method I show you how to turn your one computer into two, or really, how to increase the overall profit from the coins you mine on just the one computer.

Now, I know a lot of you may have used Minergate to mine coins on your own computer. I also know that many of you gave up on it because it is just too damn slow to make any money from. But forget about that – forget about money. You haven’t got any of it anyway or why the fark are you mining Bitcoins on a gaming pc? So just give me 5 minutes and listen to this method.

So here’s the plan: you run Minergate on your pc, mining just one particular coin, Bytecoin (BCN) – not to be confused with Bitcoin, although it really was confused with it a lot in the early days (which helped it a lot). Mine the Bytecoins until you have 100.1 of the little blighters, and then send them to your Eobot account, where you can instantly exchange them for a 5 year cloud mining contract. No cash investment required, and no $30 or $100 minimum contract to save up for. Eobot accepts minimum deposits of 5 BCN (five Bytecoins) which you can immediately swap into mining hashpower, and yes, five year contracts (try buying a five year contract on Hashflare or Hashing24 and see how well you get on with that. I will tell you how: no good at all).

You then use your new cloud mining hashpower to mine for more hashpower (let it build on building in the way BitConnect lets you compound your daily interest), until you have a base upon which to mine actual cryptos. With a 5 year contract there’s nothing stopping you from building the hashpower base for a few months or even a year or two before allocating your mining to Bitcoin, Doge, Ripple, Monero, or whatever.

Keep in mind that Eobot also has a faucet that allows you to collect from once per day, and it pays out whatever your account is actively mining at the time. If you have your hash power allocated to mining more hashpower, then the faucet will pay you out in extra hash power. Add that to the pot that you are filling with your Minergate payouts and you have a bigger mass of hashing building on itself 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By the time the five years are over, you will have mined so many coins you will be Lambo-ing all around the place with the rest of the us. And if you don’t – well I will leave the rest of that up to you.

So here’s a quick recap and the required links to get it going:

Sign up for Minergate, download and install the program, and run it for a while to get the hang of it. I have tried all the coins but found the most practical one for this method to be Bytecoin. You are obviously welcome to mine any of the others that may sound sexier or more prestigious, but for this particular method, Bytecoin is the one to use. I already tested it but if you want to be a dick then by all means, knock yourself out.

A quick note on using Minergate: I found that my method works really well when only using the graphics card for the mining. The CPU mining may tend to heat up your computer’s CPU beyond what you might want. If you only mine with the graphics card you are probably less likely of toasting your entire PC when it melts down, and you will still be able to do other stuff on your computer while you are mining, which is a big thing for me, and probably you as well if you are even involved with this small scale type of stuff.

So here: run Minergate, mining Bytecoins, on GPU mining only. Build up to 100.1 BCN – the withdrawal amount is 100 but the fee costs that little bit extra.

Sign up for an account on Eobot using my link if you so choose.

Once you have your Eobot page open, click the “Mining” drop down box in the upper left corner of the page and select “GHS 4.0” – and wait a second for the page to refresh. You are now mining hashpower.

Half way down the page on Eobot you will see a broad, blue box with a number of icons and some headings. Click on the “Deposit” icon and wait for the next page to load.

Scroll about half way down the page and you will see a list of coins along with their deposit address and a Payment ID. Keep that page open and head to your Minergate Dashboard (on the website, not in the actual miner program). It will show you your coin balance. If you have over a hundred BCN you are good to go.

Now make a withdrawal of the 100.1 Bytecoin from your Minergate account and pay it into your Eobot BCN address. Remember not to get Bytecoin mixed up with Bitcoin, and make sure you copy and paste the Payment ID or it probably will not work. If you mess up the transaction you will most likely lose your coins so don’t do it if you are extremely high on drugs or are drunk.

The withdrawal from Minergate is very quick, and you will be able to see the transaction block inside Eobot pretty soon, although it can take 24 hours for the coins to be actually credited to your account, so now is the time for the booze etc and just wait it out. Make sure your Minergate is still mining while you’re partying though because you are a professional, after all.

Once your BCN deposit is fully confirmed on the blockchain and is visible inside Eobot, you can go ahead and use the “Exchange” feature in that broad, blue box. Click the dropdown menus and exchange BCN for Cloud SHA-256 4.0 5 Year Rental. Job done! Rinse and repeat!

Hooray for things!!! You have just mined enough Bytecoins to convert into cloud mining hashpower that you can use to mine coins for the next five years! The next step is to decide how long you are going to mine for more hashpower. Of course, Eobot has a great Diversify feature that allows you to set it to mine different coins (including hashpower) for a few minutes before switching to the next coin.

And that’s it! If you followed this method and did each step the way I told you, then you are already mining for profit on your own PC and it won’t be long before you own cloud mining contracts that keep working 24/7, even when your own PC is turned off.

I wish you all the best from your mining efforts, and the best of luck with your endeavors in the crypto space. Happy mining, and as always, please remember, the crypto must flow!!!