Why bitcoin and the money revolution changes everything

Have you heard about bitcoin and the money revolution, but wondered what it is, and why things are changing so fast? Are you caught in the grip of poverty or debt, and wish there was a way out? Do you think the world is stuck in a rut of slavery, and don’t see a clear path to freedom? In this article I will address these questions and show you why the world is in its current dilemma, and what the bitcoin revolution is doing to change everything.

In the natural world, everything that lives seeks to preserve its own existence. This is logical. There would be no purpose to life if everything was suicidal. That just wouldn’t make sense. Everything that is living has the innate desire to continue to do so.

But in order to survive in the wild, everything needs to keep finding ways to grow, otherwise they will eventually suffer attacks from outside sources and perish. Plants grow bigger and tougher to withstand the elements of climate, disease and pests, and then produce seeds and shoots in order to secure the longevity of their species.

As humans, we protect ourselves from the forces of nature by finding ways to improve our health and fitness, enrich and expand our minds, and have children to ensure the continuity of our families and our species as a whole.

So how does money fit into all this? Well, money is simply a mechanism of exchange that allows people to procure things that they believe will enhance and improve their lives. We as people use money to buy the best kinds of food we can afford, decent housing, clothing, transportation and education, among a great number of other useful things, all in the pursuit of a larger and longer, richer, more fulfilling life for ourselves, and our families and friends.

Without enough money to expand and enhance our lives, life is small, short and dark. A constant battle against economic scarcity that depletes our resources and leads us to an eventual and pitiful demise. This is the harsh reality of nature that plants and animals in the wild seem to understand so much better than “civilised” humans. Expand, adapt and improve, or perish.

Within the scope of the human world, the same principles apply. We must each expand our own situation in order to secure a better future, or we will be swallowed up by economic pressures and harsh reality. We see evidence of this in countries where, despite a richness of natural resources, large sections of the population have been denied access to good food, housing and education, in order to fulfill the greedy desires of the rich and controlling classes. African warlords pillage and plunder wealth from countless villages, while the poor and weak remain in a state of deprivation and eternal poverty.

In western countries, the wealthy elite grow fat while holding the masses in the iron grip of debt and economic slavery. The few dominate the many, forcing much of humanity to work their entire lives just to repay mortgages on their homes, and pay large taxes that are primarily used to maintain the status quo, i.e. the dominance over the many by the few through large police agencies and disproportionately active military forces.

The larger and richer a nation is, the more of its resources are spent on defending its control structures. The United States, for example, spends far more money per capita than any other nation on “national security”, government, and it’s so called “Department of Defence” aka “Department of Empirical Expansion”.

It is irrational, cruel and barbaric to spend such a high proportion of resources and wealth in order to gain and maintain such a disproportionate concentration of power and control, while millions of people go hungry and suffer miserable lives, deprived of decent healthcare, physical nourishment, and “real” education.

And it has to stop.

Technology is the enemy of the controlling elite. Technology is nothing more than the never ending accumulation of intelligent thought gradually building on itself to find better ways of doing things. Medicine, transportation, food production – all these things are examples of technology being used to improve the situation for humanity. Technology holds the keys to the lock on the door that opens up a better future for all humankind.

Now, technology itself is neither good nor bad, it is merely the advancement of knowledge, and it can be used for good purposes or bad, depending on the motivation of the persons holding it. A bitter, twisted person can use technology for evil purposes, and that is what we see happening all too often in governmental and military organisations. They build and use technological weapons designed to brutalize, maim and kill ordinary and defenseless civilians, with utter disregard for the amount of pain and suffering they cause along the way.

How much better and more logical is it then, to use technology to actually improve the world? Recent developments in clean energy sources such as solar, wind and tidal electricity generation, as well as new types of storage, i.e lithium battery and capacitor technology, all but do away with the need for risky nuclear plants, and are gradually reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

The technology exists to grow far more food than the people of earth could possibly ever need. Imagine how much benefit to humanity could be achieved if populations in desert areas were given access to solar powered water desalination and irrigation technology. Starvation and deprivation have already been defeated – if only the knowledge was shared and applied where it is needed.

Our technological toolbox is ready – we just need to deliver it where it is required and allow the local populations to start using the tools and start to live the full, rich and healthy lives that every human deserves.

And this is where Bitcoin comes in.

Bitcoin allows people in the remotest of nations to start benefiting from modern technology by giving them the freedom to trade with whomever they choose, anywhere around the world, far out of the reach of the wealthy elite in their European palaces.

African warlords lose the motivation to enslave and steal from their local communities once they finally have a legitimate way to build wealth without resorting to violent and ruthless behaviour.

Hackers and scammers, so desperate and hungry for a better way of life, will gladly trade their dodgy and annoying practices for something a bit more legitimate and less guilt-laden if it will sustain and improve their lives to do so.

Life is abundant, and there is plenty for all once you loose the stranglehold of the dominating financial elite, as bitcoin is doing right now.

Bitcoin is financial freedom in a smartphone app. It is the way – the only way, that people around the world have to expand and improve their lives and the lives of those around them, while also improving the lives of those around the world that they choose to trade with.

Trade is a win-win scenario, and it leads to a better way of life for everyone. And Bitcoin is the ultimate free-trade facilitator. It knows no borders, recognizes no artificial authority, and demands no taxes or bribes. Bitcoin is pure trade, and a fair share for all.

The world has woken up to its own depressing situation. It has become a financial fortress of economic slavery, where those in power use the taxes paid by the poor to keep those same poor people under their domination and control, and it has got to stop. In this article we have discussed the underlying principles of nature – the need to constantly improve and expand life, and have explained how money fits into this system. We have talked about the benefits of technology, and how it can be used to improve the lives of the whole human race, and we have discussed the part that Bitcoin is playing in bringing down the established economic power structures, and is rapidly setting humanity free from slavery and starvation.

Our world is changing quickly, lead by those among us who understand the great benefits that technology can bring to every single person on earth. Join us – follow us, and with Bitcoin, we will together open the doors to a better and more fulfilling life and a brighter future for us all.