Megadumpload Terms of Use

Megadumpload Terms of Use
Use of the Megadumpload website is subject to the following terms.

Users of the Megadumpload website are hereby notified that the owners of this website cannot be held responsible for any failure of any investment in Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. There is an element of risk in any investment, and all users of the Megadumpload website are advised to conduct their own research before investing in any program, website, or crypto currency. The articles and guides featured on Megadumpload are based on personal experience however none of the content should be regarded as financial advice. Results vary from person to person and at different times in the market.

Users of the Megadumpload website and other persons who visit the Megadumpload website or access its servers or files must not make any attempt to disrupt the normal operation of the website or make any unauthorized copy or copies of the articles, files or software that form any part of the website or its hosting environment.

Articles featured on the Megadumpload website may be syndicated or republished on other websites as long as there is a single attribution link (hyperlink) back to the original article on the Megadumpload website or to the home page of the Megadumpload website.

Any persons or entities found to be hacking or attempting to hack the Megadumpload website or its hosting servers or any part of its associated software or operating system shall be subject to prosecution under US Federal law or New Zealand law at the discretion of the website owners.

The Megadumpload website contains links to third party websites. The owners of Megadumpload have no control over the validity of any third party website or the content featured on them. Nor can the owners of the Megadumpload website be held responsible for the actions of any owner of third party websites. All users are advised to do their own research before using any services or products offered or featured by any such third party website.

The owners of the Megadumpload website may receive payment or commission from third party websites when a referred visitor makes a purchase or interacts with the third party website. In particular, the owners of the Megadumpload website receive referral commissionwhen a user of the website visits a faucet featured on the site and makes a successful claim. The owners of the Megadumplaod website may also earn commission from referrals to Amazon or other third party websites that lead to the sale or purchase of a product or service.

Use of this website is also subject to the Privacy Policy displayed on this website.

These Terms of Use may change from time to time, and any changes will be posted on this website as soon as possible. These Terms of Use were lasted updated on 3 March 2018.