Did Vodafone work with China to create the Corona Virus / COVID-19 Pandemic?


So today we have (“alleged” – ok there I said it so back off!!) reports or testimony from someone who was high-level in Vodafone saying that COVID-19 is not transmitted from one person to another, but is developed within a person’s own cells after they have been poisoned by 5G radiation.

According to the source, Vodafone were working hand-in-glove with Huawei on the technology to make this happen. Huawei has previously been exposed as an operative for the Chinese Government. The same Chinese Government that has promised war by every means possible.

I have seen every fake, false, propagandized media event and straight out media lies that has been shown to me over the last 50 years, so I have learned two things: 1. Never believe anything the mainstream media or my government tells me; 2. Never believe the “peer reviewed” science community.

I prefer to think for myself; observe what I can; weigh up evidence and formulate / test my own theories.

Which places have been hit hardest by COVID-19? Wuhan, Spain, Italy. Three places with THE EARLIEST, HIGH SATURATION 5G COVERAGE. Is the Chinese Government committing acts of war by any means necessary.

Let’s dig a bit deeper, shall we?

In the video below, we hear from Rosemary Gibson, author of a new book, “China RX”, which examines and explains the danger posed to the United States by the reliance on China for many of its medical supplies, most importantly its vital drugs and medicines. According to Gibson, China can easily withhold the supply of certain drugs as a direct threat to the lives and well-being of Americans, and have actually done so on occasion, which HAS LEAD TO DEATHS OF U.S CITIZENS. Chinese Government uses their control of America’s medicine supply to ATTACK americans.

I recommend that people watch the video; listen to what Rosemary Gibson has to say on the matter; and then think about the reports of 5G also being used as a method of attacking americans (and other Westerners, I might add).

There is more going on than what we know about – that is for sure.

BTW – I just found this online petition called “I do not consent to 5G radiation.” You’re welcome.

Author: Megadump