Does “strange behavior” exhibited by viruses prove science is wrong or lying?


I am digging deeper into the COVID-19 / corona virus panicdemic, as I think there are dots scattered throughout modern history that may be worth connecting to see if a picture is formed.

I will tell you straight off that I don’t believe anything the mainstream media or governments tell me, and I have just about as much respect for the “peer-reviewed” scientific community as I do for those other two groups. I have just seen, read and heard too many lies from them all over the years, and prefer to do my own research, thank you very much.

So I heard a snippet of information recently that some viruses are actually toxic chemicals that accumulate within an organism’s cells as part of an immune response. In the case of COVID-19, it was suggested, the “virus” formed once a person had been exposed to 5G signal transmissions. So the story goes, the human body gathers the toxic compounds together, then ejects them by any means necessary, i.e. out of any particular orifice.

I found that quite interesting. If true, the theory would answer a nagging question I have about the apparent spread of COVID-19, which is – if the epidemic of corona virus COVID-19 began in Wuhan, Hubei, China (IMPORTANTLY – the FIRST place that 5G was launched), as we were told it did, then how did it spread next to notably SPAIN and ITALY, without widespread infection of all the eastern european countries in between? Keep in mind that Spain and Italy were both also very early adopters of 5G. Oh, I know, I know – planes did it!!! *bullshit!!*

Also worthy of note – here in New Zealand, we apparently have hundreds of COVID-19 cases, virutally all of which have come here by plane, and yet VERY FEW cases where there has been “community transmission”, despite all the points of contact that must invariably have been between the infected people and the locals. Why is the rate of infection in New Zealand so ridiculously low, or even non-existent? And don’t tell me it’s because of great leadership by the NZ Government – those assholes are the biggest pack of liars this side of the black stump. I have a theory – one that has not yet been disproved. NEW ZEALAND DOES NOT HAVE 5G YET!!! No 5G and NO “real” community spread of COVID-19 / corona virus. THAT is definitely a point worth keeping in mind. Another dot that might be worth connecting in our search for the truth.

But anyway, I started to dig into viruses and found this article, which discusses the question of whether viruses are alive or not. It kind of suggests that viruses tend to fall into a category somewhere “in between”. At least, the article suggests that some viruses remain viable (or infectious) outside the body for up to 72 hours, perhaps longer. Maybe not a dot to connect but at least a bit of information to remember for later consideration.

I then read this article related to the Ebola Virus. Part of which reads:

“Ebola refuses to die. Affected West African countries have repeatedly stopped transmission of the virus, only for fresh outbreaks to appear, seemingly out of nowhere. The most recent outbreak was in Liberia, where a 10-year-old boy in Monrovia was diagnosed with Ebola earlier this month. He had no known exposure to the virus, and the World Health Organization suspects he caught it from a survivor.

At least seven of these outbreaks were triggered by the virus lingering silently in people who have recovered from Ebola. By tracing its evolution, researchers have now discovered how the virus does this: it completely shuts down and doesn’t even replicate – something never seen before in this type of virus.

The “12BS” is telling.

In January, the WHO declared that there had been no cases of Ebola in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone for 42 days – twice the maximum time it takes an infected person to show symptoms. That should normally mean that a virus is gone.”

Interesting stuff. The article carries on…

“The sequences also revealed a virus caught in a time warp. RNA viruses like Ebola make mistakes as they replicate their genes. But the virus from the Needowein outbreak showed no new mistakes compared with samples taken 10 months earlier.

To slow its mutation rate to a standstill, the virus must effectively have stopped replicating, the team say. This has been seen before in a more complex DNA virus, but never in an RNA virus.

The researchers think the Needowein outbreak probably began with a woman who had cared for people with Ebola in a neighbouring village – 10 months earlier. She developed unusual symptoms but didn’t suspect Ebola, and later moved to Needowein.

The team have identified similar patterns in other Ebola outbreaks. In March 2015, a survivor infected his wife via semen, and the virus looked like those that were circulating months earlier when her husband was ill.

Analysing 294 more sequences, the team found 15 that were similarly out of sync with their times.”

And so forth.

Now, here’s a thought. If scientists and / or doctors are baffled how people can get infected by a virus that was long-thought-gone from an area, and, as we read before that some viruses can remain viable outside the body for up to 72 hours (sometimes longer – granted, although nobody said that any virus could remain viable outside the body for months), it seems at least possible that the virus is actually created within a person’s body as a reaction to some other type of stimulus.

Another “dot”, perhaps.

I remember (dangerous, I know), years ago, rumors and speculation regarding the spread of Ebola on parts of the African continent. The rumor (which are sometimes / often / usually / almost always based on secret facts) was that United Nations doctors, technicians or scientists had gone into african villages where there had been no reported cases of Ebola, and had sprayed aerosols around on many “contact surfaces” to “apparently” kill the virus. Video footage that I saw (and yes, it could have been fake, but who can say?) showed the U.N. people were dressed in hazmat suits. Shortly after this so-called “cleansing”, Ebola cases started popping up like crazy.

Now, I am not disputing that the U.N. people were spraying “something” around the villages, whether that be some type of disinfectant or cleaning agent, or indeed an aerosol agent containing the Ebola virus itself. Anything is possible. But what if that was a smokescreen. What if there was something else happening behind the scenes, such as transmission of certain wavelengths or signals, that might have caused the “Ebola Virus” to be formed within the “infected person” as an immune response.

If the United Nations technicians (call them what you will) were spraying the “virus” onto certain contact surfaces, then they could be planting evidence that could later be “discovered”, and blamed for the outbreak.

I do not trust the United Nations. They are corrupt, and lie at the heart of many atrocities around the world. Fuck them. And the same goes for the World Health Organisation, and all the other alphabet soup assholes whose real purpose is to control and dominate the masses. Fuck them all.

But anyway, if Ebola was or is caused by an external stimulus such as transmission of certain frequencies, then it would follow that COVID-19 could be likewise “spread”.

I’m not saying any of this is true – I’m just mentioning some of my observations over the years, and sharing my thoughts based on those. The truth is out there, and that is what I seek. I do not get paid to plead a case for either side. I just want to learn, and share what I learn. On the other hand, the media are paid to tell one side of the story.

Author: Megadump