A message to the NZ Police Commissioner – just remember that YOU serve US!


In response to your blog post, here, I want to make it clear to you that the NZ Police are employed to serve the people of New Zealand. YOU do not dictate how we are to live. You are employed by the government that WE elect, to uphold the laws they implement on OUR behalf.

Thus, you must ensure your staff and officers work within the bounds of those laws at all times. YOU do not have ultimate authority in this country. New Zealand is not a Police State. You should keep that in mind.

So I suggest you clean up your own act before getting heavy-handed with New Zealanders.

Personally, every Police Officer has the right to refuse to obey an unlawful order. The law is not perfect in every situation. As an organisation that is meant to serve New Zealand and New Zealanders, the NZ Police should be assisting New Zealanders to go about their lives peacefully and without undue disruption.

As a nation, New Zealand does not want nor need your Armed Response Teams. New Zealanders need the power to defend themselves from criminals. We do not need trigger-happy police officers with semi-automatic weapons acting as judge, jury and executioner as they see fit. The NZ Police has access to various non-lethal methods to ensure compliance with the law.

Every death of a New Zealander at the hands of a Police Officer lines squarely at your feet. You need to use non-lethal methods to enforce the law or step aside and make way for someone who can. For example, tranquilizers, negotiation, and other LOGICAL methods are far more desirable, and ultimately, more effective in helping to preserve a safe community.

What happened to Police working WITH the citizens of the nation to create a safe community? YOU are the ones who have failed to deal with gangs, yet at the same time take away guns from law abiding New Zealanders. Then you turn around and use the gang threat and other things to justify your use of lethal weapons.

The NZ Police fail in their basic duty to preserve a safe community and uphold the law of the country.

Author: Megadump