All these things were fake news!

Fake plane in 911

I was commenting on this video on LBRY today and came up with a quick-fire list of fake news I have seen over the last 20 years.

InĀ  the video, the host was criticising a guy who had suggested the 9/11 planes were holograms. The video’s host said the planes were obviously CGI (which I am certain is correct), and that the original dude was trying to mislead people. Personally, I don’t think the hologram story was an attempt to mislead people. Back in 2001, many of us were simply unaware about CGI, and the way the media used it to create fake news. We thought holograms were the only possibility.

While writing my comment on LBRY, I came up with a quick list of other fake “terrorist attack” stories that have been rolled out by the media over the years.

Here’s my comment and list:

“Back when 9/11 was first being exposed, which was MANY years ago, most people were not familiar with CGI or had even heard of it (unlike now, obviously) but many people had HEARD ABOUT holograms. We had no idea that the media could insert CGI type images into their footage (in what we thought was real-time), so the notion of that possibility was not even entertained.

Back in those days, we had heard quite a lot about holograms, and when someone put out the theory that holograms had been used in 9/11, many of us swooped on that as being the most likely scenario. It wasn’t done to deliberately mislead anyone: we just didn’t know enough about CGI back in those days (or holograms to be honest).

Nowadays of course, we are constantly bombarded with CGI – it is commplace, and many of us know the media use it to manipulate stories any way they see fit. Back in the early 200’s however, it was not like that. We had no idea HOW the media were lying to us – we just knew THAT they were lying.\

I remember watching 9/11 “live” on TV here in New Zealand, just before going to work that day. It was riveting television, but I didn’t believe a word the tv assholes were saying. And I remember how absurdly quickly the TV news trotted out the lies about guys in caves organising it all, and the passports that were found. It was ridiculous beyond belief. How could anyone with a brain believe the bullshit. I think that was the day I really KNEW that the media and governments were absolutely corrupt.

I was 21 years old at that time, and now I am 50. I don’t believe a word the media or governments tell me. COVID is a fucking joke. 9/11 was a totally inside job. The Christchurch mosque shootings were absolutely fake. The boston marathon bombing was totally fake. The Aria Grande concert bombing was an absolute farce: fake as hell. The Nice, France, event, where a truck drove along the beachside street, running over dozens of people – was an absolute piece of baloney. ALL FALSE FLAGS AND FAKE!!!”

Thanks to Rob Scholt for the image.

Author: Megadump