Blame the US Government for the crisis in Venezuela

Venezuela Riots - blame the CIA

The CIA destroyed Venezuela many years ago. It is actually unfair to blame the current Venezuelan government for the dire mess that country is in now. It was actually the U.S. Government’s CIA that created the utter shambles there, and in other parts of the world. Get rid of the CIA, the FBI, the FED, and all other central bankers, and mainstream media; destroy the elite cartel (Rothschilds etc), the United Nations, the World Health Assholes, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and all other globalist entities… THEN we can discuss the failures of the Venezuelan Government. I recommend watching Confessions of an Economic Hitman documentary and see the damage that has been done by the CIA.

*I took the photo from CNN’s website but I don’t get them credit for being anything other than lying assholes. Fuck CNN!

Author: Megadump