How does the New World Order work?

David Rockefeller

I was watching an informative video posted on LBRY by @DonnieWozman, and was motivated to comment. My comment was just going to be a quick,

“Hi, Donnie, lovely weather. Good to see you driving on the correct side of the road (the LEFT side).”

However, my comment turned into a basic sum-up of how the New World Order works, and I thought I would re-post it here. It is rather succinct, I feel.

“Hi Donnie. I watch your videos here in New Zealand. I’m going to say it: the Illuminati pull the strings in every industry, so they can co-ordinate all types of movements to serve their purposes.

They restrict the money supply by pulling strings in the banking industry to squeeze people financially. They pull strings in the health industry and mainstream media to create health scares. They disrupt transportation and the food supply, prevent social gatherings and interactions to divide the populace.

All the time making it look like these things are unrelated.

Using the United Nations as the ultimate cover, they use the World Health Organisation, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and other globalist “frontmen” to implement the strategies they develop inside the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Vatican, the City of London*, and other arcane groups.

Mainstream media networks work with governments worldwide to constantly push out their propaganda, FORCING by programming the sheeple to think in a specific way, and using groupthink backed by force (mainly the POLICE) to ensure compliance. THAT is the world we live in now. THAT is the New World Order.”

Enjoy… and keep researching!

Author: Megadump