Affiliate Disclosure

Megadumpload is an informational website that includes many types of product reviews, testimonies and data across a range of product categories, with the reasonable expectation that visitors to the site will in some cases proceed to purchase products using our affiliate links. This is normal practice for affiliate websites such as ours.

Thus we find it fair to provide details of our affiliate arrangements so that our readers and visitors are fully informed before making their purchases. Additionally, various legal entities such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) require such disclosure.

When a visitor to our site reads one of our reviews they may be presented with a buy now button, or some other affiliate link that will enable them to make a purchase. Upon clicking this link, they will be taken to the website of the third-party vendor, where they can proceed to complete their purchase. A successful purchase will result in a commission payment to the owners of this website.


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Each third party vendor operates their own website independently and outside of the control of Megadumpload. They each maintain their own terms and conditions of service pages and their own privacy policies, and all visitors are advised to read those policies and pages prior to purchasing any products.

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This Affiliate Disclosure was last updated on 28 August, 2021.