The US economy bubble needs to deflate

Carlos Lucero commented on YouTube today, “Hey, listen. If we stop the globalists, you know who they are, this will all end and the economy will shoot straight up.” But he is wrong. Stop the globalists – absolutely. But the economy needs a recession to restore the natural balance. The only reason the economy has been growing is because the…

Hidden Secrets of Money

Hidden Secrets of Money – Mike Maloney

In this series of ten videos, Mike Maloney digs deep into the shadowy past to uncover the roots of the money system, and exposes the pitfalls that have brought down numerous empires. All credits for the videos belong to him – you can visit his YouTube channel here. Please visit his website for more details. Hidden Secrets of Money…


Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 10


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Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 8


Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 7