Civil Unrest

As a Megadumpload reader, you probably have an interest in the financial markets, crypto currencies, and learning the truth about the world we live in. As such, you might think you are part of a very small but enlightened community. You may or may not be surprised to learn that there are many more of us around the world who are interested in exposing the flaws in the current political and financial systems. Millions of regular people in scores of nations are fighting against abusive governmental regimes, economic control, and organisational corruption.

Once you open your eyes to the truth about the manipulation that affects all of our lives, you begin to discover that there is a better way to live than what we have been told. Each of us has a choice to change the world around us, and we achieve that by changing ourselves from the inside, and by then helping other people to do the same. Creating a free world is hard, and will continue to be hard, but we will get there by making a big decision to take small steps every day.

In some countries, people have been pushed and pressured by governments for so long – for too long – and have started to rebel against the system. For every false flag event we see foisted upon us by the mainstream media, there are literally dozens of protests that push back against the narrative. You hardly ever hear about the protests on the TV news, but they are happening. Change is taking place, and it is important to know where it is happening so you can choose whether to support it or not.

Here at, we are committed to helping people around the world to improve their own lives, and one way we can help to do that is by raising awareness of their struggles. In this section of the website we share videos and articles that are evidence of the struggle. Perhaps you can find other ways of sharing the truth?