Crypto Exchanges


Crypto currency exchanges are secure websites that provide users the ability to buy, sell and trade a wide range of crypto currencies. Each exchange supports a different range of cryptos, and provide services to residents of different countries.


All exchanges utilise SSL/HTTPS technologies to protect users’ funds and privacy, and most require the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) to prevent unauthorized account operations.


Many exchanges undertake KYC (know your customer) procedures to verify the identity of their users, in compliance with anti-money-laundering regulations that exist in many countries. KYC usually involves the user providing a current photograph and a copy of a government issued form of identification such as a driver’s license or passport.

Transaction and Exchange Fees

Transaction and exchange fees vary widely across different exchanges. Some exchanges charge a lower percentage fee than others but may have a higher minimum fee. Longer established and more popular exchanges tend to have higher fees than newer, less popular exchanges.

List of Crypto Exchanges

  1. Bibox – A versatile crypto exchange with a unique grid trading application.
  2. Binance – The world’s leading exchange with hundreds of crypto currencies available to trade.
  3. BitMex – A crypto exchange with professional trading tools and a huge user base.
  4. Bittrex – A popular crypto exchange with a reputation for excellent security.
  5. Coinbase – A crypto exchange and wallet that operates in over 100 countries. Ideal for new crypto users and experienced traders alike.
  6. Coinmama – Buy Bitcoin and a range of Altcoins using a credit card.
  7. Cryptopay – Buy and sell cryptos using your bank account and pay to anyone.
  8. Eobot – A very popular crypto exchange, micro wallet and mining pool all in one. Great for new crypto users.
  9. EXMO – One of the largest crypto exchanges in Europe with over 12,000 users.
  10. HitBTC – A popular crypto exchange with low transaction fees and a huge user community.
  11. Huobi – A crypto exchange with over 200 digital assets available for trading.
  12. Independent Reserve – A crypto exchange that allows you to cash out directly to your bank account.
  13. Kraken – A long established crypto exchange with a focus on security.
  14. KuCoin – A vastly popular crypto exchange that includes staking pools.
  15. Local Bitcoins – A crypto exchange that allows you to buy and sell cryptos directly with people in your local area.
  16. Perfect Money – Buy and sell crypto currencies and pay to any address.
  17. Poloniex – A crypto exchange that includes a decentralized TRON exchange.