Crypto Info Sites


There is a plethora of information portals dedicated to the crypto industry, but finding the relevant site can be difficult, especially for newcomers to the space. Scams exist all over the place, and there are many sites that will profess to be “experts” or promise to give you “the good oil” on the best opportunities. Separating new crypto users from their money is the primary goal of many such sites, so it is important to stick to sites and portals with a solid reputation for honesty and transparency.

A list of reputable market information websites

  1. BitInfoCharts – A website that presents crypto trading and mining information as easily readable charts.
  2. BlockCypher – A blockchain explorer that allows you to check wallets and transactions on a number of different blockchains.
  3. CoinGecko – Crypto currency tools, charts and information to help track your favourite coins.
  4. CoinMarketCap – View price and trading volume data for hundreds of crypto currencies.
  5. CoinPaprika – Crypto currency prices, trading and market information.
  6. CoinWarz – A comparison website that identifies the most profitable crypto currencies to mine.
  7. CryptoCompare – A crypto currency info site with in-depth charts and data on hundreds of crypto currencies.
  8. CryptoWatch – A website that allows you to link your crypto exchange accounts and manage your portfolios all on one site.
  9. WhattoMine – A website that compares the profitability of mining different crypto currencies.
  10. World Coin Index – View the trading price and volume data for hundreds of crypto currencies on dozens of crypto exchanges.