Convex Finance Launches Two URLs After Spoofing Exploit

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Convex Finance Launches Two URLs After Spoofing Exploit

Convex Finance said that the investigation of the DNS hijack is currently underway.

Jun 25, 2022 – 00:00

The Domain Name Server (DNS) of the decentralized staking platform, Convex Finance, was targeted in the latest spoofing exploit.

  • Angel investor Alexintosh first flagged that Convex Finance was asking for user approval to an unverified smart contract address on July 23rd.
  • This suggested that a malicious entity may have sneaked into Convex Finance’s website to carry out a DNS spoofing attack.
  • Following the incident, the staking platform confirmed the hijack of its DNS that led users to unassumingly approve malicious contracts for some interactions on the website.
  • Convex then announced setting up two alternative domain names and asked users to use these URLs to interact with the site while they conduct the investigation.
  • The platform marked five wallets affected by the exploit. The team, however, revealed that funds on verified contracts were not affected.
  • The exploiter sent the stolen funds to a “Convex Phisher Deposits” flagged wallet flagged that shows a small amount of crypto from the affected users before moving most of it to the coin mixer, Tornado Cash, to hide the tracks.
  • Convex Finance said that it will publish a detailed post-mortem report soon.
  • Furthermore, a crypto tracking and compliance platform MistTrack revealed that Ribbon Finance, a decentralized structured products protocol, also suffered a DNS hijacking attack, wherein a victim reportedly lost 16.5 WBTC. On-chain analysis suggests that it was the same attacker as Convex.


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