5 Best P2P Crypto Exchanges for customized Minimal Fees and Maximum Security

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5 Best P2P Crypto Exchanges for customized Minimal Fees and Maximum Security

Zodeak is a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that offers bug-free P2P Cryptocurrency exchange scripts.

Sep 13, 2022 – 09:24


Binance is one of the best peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchanges because it permits users to buy almost 50+ types of cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Chainlink, and Polkadot. In addition, On trading, P2P on Binance doesn’t incur any taker fees, this P2P altcoin exchange does claim a maker fee of up to 0.35%. That aside, it’s mainly used by P2P advocates all around the world who want to buy and sell a whole host of altcoins.

Binance clone script is nothing but a pre-prepared or ready-to-market cryptocurrency exchange clone script in the world’s largest crypto trading market “Binance”. This script stores all the current trading modules and specialized functions and you can create a fully customized and feature-rich crypto exchange platform similar to Binance within a few days. Our Zodeak offers a premium white label Binance clone script and our team is well experienced in the latest technologies. Latest technology tools to develop our Binance clone software app


LocalBitcoins offers an accessible way for users to get cryptocurrencies in just minutes. One of its unique advantages as a top Peer 2 Peer cryptocurrency exchange is that it tries to match local buyers and sellers, facilitating face-to-face interactions for those curious businessmen. In extra, the company extends this simplicity to its transaction fees, setting a flat 1% fee on all trades for sellers. However, this only applies to that trading Bitcoin. Users repositioning to other LocalBitcoins users’ wallets can do so for free.

Localbitcoins clone script is ready to market p2p cryptocurrency exchange clone software. It helps to deploy an escrow-powered p2p exchange like Localbitcoins presently. Our clone script works similarly to the LBC and has all the updated features & plug-ins of Localbitcoins. Our clone has fully customized and hassle-free 


Coinbase is one of the greatest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and has one of the best reputations for security. The exchange keeps nearly 99% of its user’s virtual assets in cold storage. Coinbase also demands that you validate a mobile number by entering a code they send you through a text message. Coinbase has compulsory 2FA on your account, to ensure that your account remains secure. Coinbase is also a publicly traded company meaning it has experienced extra financial and security examinations to gain that status.

Coinbase clone script is a pre-prepared or ready-to-market cryptocurrency exchange clone. This clone script follows similar features, user interface, and plug-ins to the Coinbase crypto exchange. Our clone script is open to customization by using a Coinbase script. We enable blockchain for security purposes. In add-on to this, Our coinbase clone script utilizes high-level security features. So your coinbase clone script exchange will be more secure and reliable


WazirX is a mechanical Indian p2p crypto exchange that permits the trading of all kinds of cryptocurrencies. Many may know it as India’s most reliable Peer 2 Peer cryptocurrency exchange, WazirX was acquired by Binance in November 2019. As of December 2021, the platform’s 24-hour trading volume is more than $100 million. This shows that the Peer 2 Peer platform has plenty of liquidity so users can simply engage in transactions. Not unlike other best P2P crypto exchanges, WazirX only permits buying and selling of USDT and no other stablecoins. Fiat on-ramp wise, it supports 8 different fiat currencies ranging from Indian Rupees to Turkish Liras and charges 0% marker and taker fees.

Wazirx clone script is a pre-designed cryptocurrency exchange clone app that stores all updates of features of the popular crypto exchange called Wazirx. Our clone script has a full set of features that wazirx has with some latest trading features. You can launch a completely functional crypto trading with our script. 


Paxful is one of the world’s best Peer 2 Peer cryptocurrency exchanges based in the United States. It swears to streamline all p2p transactions with as much security as possible. In Wazirx users provide biometric data as a part of the verification security process to increase transaction security. Paxful charges some fees for various actions, but buying crypto is always free on this platform. Depending on the currency, sellers must pay a fee of between 0.5% and 5%.

Our Zodeak, Paxful clone script is a pre-designed p2p cryptocurrency exchange clone script that holds all features and plug-ins of the famous p2p exchange platform of paxful. It is ready to trade and fully customizable exchange clone app. You can easily launch a fully featured and functional p2p cryptocurrency exchange with an escrow system and 100% similar to paxful within a weeks

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